Info for users looking to claim the FLR airdrop.

Important info for users wanting to claim their FLR airdrop

Non-Ledger ETH address

Some users might not be able to find their FLR airdrop because they used an ETH, which was not generated by their Ledger device, to claim the airdrop. If this is the case you will just need to find the ETH address that you used to claim the airdrop and use the appropriate wallet to manage those coins.

If you need any help with claiming your FLR airdrop you can take a look at this video.

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  2. My XRP address has always been associated with my Ledger, but not with my ETH address. My address starts with “rn”. I’ve also never used MetaMask with XRP. I’ve only had this one address for XRP and it still has XRP tokens in it, why am I not qualified for this drop? Anyone have any ideas? I checked on XRP scan at it says that this address may not be eligible for the drop, but doesn’t explain why? Did I need to do anything on the Flare side of things to qualify for this drop?

  3. Pardon my lack of knowledge, if the address says “Not registered” I’ve just simply missed out on it and that’s it, right?

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