🔥Infinity Moons 🔥 – first project with infinite pump system to move the universe 🟢 2 Week OLD🚀


Infinity Moons – load your bags!

Contract: 0xb175703dc56e8fca80f5a44984da137ba2eaf6f3

Telegram: t.me/infinitymoons

About Token:

Infinity Moons is official and main token of “Infinity Moonshots” team. But why this name? Thanos with all Infinity Stones became quite powerful, so we have decided to bound our future moonshots with one main token, creating strong, longterm project with bright future.


Total supply:

Max wallet: 3%

Max transaction: 3%

Marketing/development tax: 5%

Liquidity tax: 4%

Unique Coin:

Infinity Moons is a safe, longterm project delivered by trusted team. Contract is deployed on Binance Smart Chain network (BEP-20). We aim to provide the most secure place to invest thanks to our “infinite pump” idea. The longer you wait, the more you gain!

Infinite pump:

Every few days our team will launch token with “Infinity Moons” reflection. It will boost total liquidity, number of holders and marketcap. We are planning public and free launchpad in distant future with hardcoded “Infinity Moons” reward system as a payment for using the platform. So yeah, more pumps!


Community is the core of Inifnity Moons and it's our priority. The most important aspects of this project will be discussed and voted on our official telegram group.

t.me/infinitymoons – official telegram channel


Great projects take time. Our first steps can be described in three phases:

  1. Post-launch period – it's time of creating a recognizable brand and stable community through social media marketing. This is necessary to create base for next moves.

  2. Devs cooperation – we need more and more trusted teams deploying tokens with Infninity Moons as a reflection to boost it even more.

  3. Launchpad is ready – launchpad will allow everyone to deploy token for free besides transaction fees. Every deployed contract will have Infinity Moons reflection. Pump it!

reddit image🔥Infinity Moons 🔥 - first project with infinite pump system to move the universe 🟢 2 Week OLD🚀

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