| INFINITY BEANS | Most Advanced Miner |

Infinity Beans not even a day old and it’s growing really good now at 150 BNB TVL !

Gonna be 50 BNB buyback in 24H

Infinity Beans is a BNB miner to make you an Infinite Beans with 8% daily return and 10% in every referral. And Also with help of NFTs users can boost their ROI to make more profits.

This can go to 2k TVL easy big as the owner is from TWOGE INU ( Safe u/mark_bscking )

  1. Buy miners with BNB to start mining
  2. Miners “dig” and generate beans which are then bound to your address.
  3. (Optional) Refer your friends to add mining speed multipliers to your miners.
  4. Either claim your BNB or purchase more miners with the credits generated to compound rewards.
  5. (Optional) Buy our NFTs to increase your return on investment percentage upto 15%

How To Make The Most

Remember 6/1 Rule :6 days of compounding and 7th day profit and then repeat 🔁

1 1.Invite other players with your referral code to receive 8% of their purchase in the from of credits.

2.Compound as much and as often as you can

3.The more miners you have working, the more credits you generate! Trade or purchase NFTs to gain increased mining speed

Max Wallet

Max wallet is based on TVL

1 BNB max Wallet= WL round

5 BNB max( up to 150 TVL )= Public round

No wallet restriction for 150 BNB+ TVL


NFTs Boaster

Our booster NFTs are used for increasing returns on investments. Infinity beans Nfts are classified into three levels. If you hold NFTs in your wallet you wil get higher ROI accordingly. If you two NFTs you will be rewarded according to higher level.

NFTs has been delivered to your wallet, you must either purchase more workers or compound existing workers to create more miners. Transferring NFTs to another wallet before claiming rewards OR creating more miners will negate the multiplier applied for that period. This is to prevent users from using one NFT with multiple wallets at the same time.

50% of minting funds – Goes back directly to TVL

50% of minting funds – Goes to Marketing wallet

Total Supply: ∞

Silver nft 0.5 BNB take ROI to 10%

Gold nft 1.5 BNB takes ROI to 12%

Platinum nft 3 bnb takes ROI to 15%

✳️ Unique referral system – rewards directly goes to wallet 💰

Important Links :

Webiste / Dapp – https://infinitybeans.app/

Tg – u/InfinityBeans

Twitter – https://twitter.com/beansinfinity

Whitepaper –https://docs.infinitybeans.app/