I’m Buying Millions Of Crypto. You Should Too.

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I’m Buying Millions Of Crypto. You Should Too.

The market has collapsed. It’s time to look at this.

10 thoughts on “I’m Buying Millions Of Crypto. You Should Too.”

  1. Gents- I have to stress. Its EXTREMELY unlikely we are not going lower. Bitcoin LIKELY has another 20-30% to give. Top 10 coins another potential 40-60%. THE DIFFERENCE is we are 70-90% off all time high. We are NOT buying the anywhere near the peak that have caused these massive losses. We are buying lows that will LIKELY provide multiple Xs next bull run YET deliver some losses short term. The goal here is not to buy the bottom and lose zero. Its to consistently invest in projects at prices that are 1/5th to 1/20th of what they will be in in 2-3 years. Please consider and remember any thing you put in right now will likely go lower, this is why we DCA.

  2. This is exactly what i'm doing, buying cheap bluechips is the best play right now!

  3. Just brought 15000 xlm, 5000 xrp & 5000 algo.. well happy.. Will look at my wallet till next June.. Good luck all

  4. FUCK the haters thanks for being a sincere person.
    Definitely a character but with heart!

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