If there ever is a USDT collapse, you will not escape it even if you don’t use USDT.

I keep seeing a lot of posts and/or comments about how “USDT is shady so I don't use it, I prefer USDC instead so I'll be fine even if they're gone”. This is a grave misconception that can have serious implications in the future.

I'm here to demonstrate that even if you never touch USDT yourself, you are indirectly using it if you're invested in any cryptocurrency.

The main issue is: USDT has more daily trading volume than all other 9 top-10 cryptoassets combined.

It's safe to say that USDT is responsible for over half the market's liquidity.

As of this moment, the top10 cryptoassets by marketcap, and their daily trading volumes are:

  • Bitcoin, with a daily trading volume of 5.837 billion USD
  • Ethereum, with a daily trading volume of 2.564 billion USD
  • USDT, with a daily trading volume of 11.541 billion USD
  • BNB, with a daily trading volume of 0.267 billion USD
  • XRP, with a daily trading volume of 0.386 billion USD
  • USDC, with a daily trading volume of 1.443 billion USD
  • ADA, with a daily trading volume of 0.100 billion USD
  • DOGE, with a daily trading volume of 0.174 billion USD
  • SOL, with a daily trading volume of 0.348 billion USD
  • TRX, with a daily trading volume of 0.102 billion USD

If you sum up all the trading volume of the other 9 coins you get a daily trading volume of 11.221 billion USD. Meanwhile USDT's trading volume is 11.541 billion.

Coinmarketcap screenshot taken at the moment of writing this post.

The conclusion is what I previously stated: even if you never touched, even if you never even heard of USDT, the market you're invested in is, whether you like it or not, absolutely tainted with USDT trading. If USDT were to pop out of existence, whether to a hack, a scam exit, the SEC, Gensler going Super Saiyan 3 on them or anything of the sort, you will be affected by it.

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39 thoughts on “If there ever is a USDT collapse, you will not escape it even if you don’t use USDT.”

  1. bro I’m holding usdt now and now I’m scared to hold it, I don’t want to buy any coins rn because of the market

  2. If tether goes down now, exchanges won’t be able to pay you back, even if you are shorting the market…and crypto will legitimately be dead for multiple years coming.

  3. You’re absolutely right. We’re in this together, and a USDT collapse would send shockwaves throughout the crypto community, if that shit hits the fan, we’ll be in the same boat as everyone else.

  4. I don’t think USDT is going down anytime soon. This sub has always been wrong about predicting the crypto future.

    Source – Been here since 2021 and lost enough money listening to the shills and fudders here.

  5. A Bitcoin exploit is the only thing that truly scares me. Trust would be lost forever.

    All the other coins can go to rags for all I care.

  6. If USDT collapses, even if you don’t use it, you’ll still feel the pain. Just like how you can’t escape your ex even if you’ve blocked them on social media.

  7. The more we talk about USDT collapse, the stronger it seems to become. It’s like that spirit energy ball from Dragon Ball Z where it is accumulating all our hate and turning it into energy

  8. A long long winter where Santa Claus may taking a break to giving good child a toys for their chiretmast winter

  9. But what if I didn’t use crypto at all. Maybe I’m being a little glib here, but I’m making a point. The stock market collapses, and it will take crypto with it. Crypto collapses, and the stock market won’t even blink.

    All the more reason to diversify.

  10. People have been calling a Tether collapse for years now.

    During that time so many other stablecoins have fallen 💀.

  11. In simpler words: a USDT collapse would be an earthquake felt around the entirety of the cryptomarket.

  12. People forget that USDT isn’t just a stablecoin, it is the stablecoin and the equivalent of FIAT in the crypto scene.

    Other than that it’s safe to safe that the market will bleed heavily if the number #3 crypto suddenly collapsed. That’s just something that no one can prevent.

  13. If usdt collapses, the whole crypto market is going to dump hard in a matter of seconds. You won’t be able to save yourself as there will be soo less time time act. The damage will be soo worse that it will take years for crypto to recover from this damage. Even if they are shady doing sketchy things, their downfall will lead to major damage to the whole crypto market.

  14. USDT has proven to be that tenacious cockroach that will survive anything thrown at it including a nuke.

  15. Tether is sitting on a swing

    If the US decides to stop them from operation

    Its fall will follow

  16. Let’s keep it positive guys, I’m starting to sweat and my chest hurts reading this

  17. Yeah, we will all be screwed like with UST going down, because it will ripple through the market.

    But we all know that this will not be the end of Crypto, since Bitcoin already went through so much, if USDT collapse it won’t kill Crypto either.

  18. If USDT would disappear, then Bitcoin and other cryptos would be traded directly with Fiat. USDT is just a way of transfer liquidity into the market, it’s not important on its own.

  19. The large part of the problem is that almost every coin has a USDT PAIR that has pretty good liquidity.


    Either ways, if USDT goes down, so do we all. The best thing to do is to move away consistently from USDT. Encourage projects to set up trading pairs in USDC or other stable coins.

    Trade other stablecoin pairs on exchanges (USDC/BTC rather than USDT/BTC).

    Slowly, over time, we can subtract USDT domninance. However, as it is right now, if USDT goes down, we are in deep trouble

  20. I’d Rather flush all the shit down the toilet, and clean the house before we rent it out. Even if it means we take a temporary loss. We’ll be able to charge more and recoup are losses as long as the customers want to keep coming back.

  21. I mean it would have ripple effects on even more than just crypto considering the amount of money that moves through it.

  22. USDT going down is as similar as binance going down or even bigger. The effects of them would be lasting for a long while, and the next bullrun? well…

  23. So you’re saying the crypto world is pretty much resting on the shoulder of a company with criminal history.

  24. USDT serves as the foundation for most exchanges, with nearly every crypto having a trading pair linked to USDT.

  25. if USDT collapses then the coin parried with it will directly hit, better to short USDT to escape this loss

  26. BUSD was 16 billion marketcap with 8 billion daily volume at its peak, now it’s gone and no one noticed.

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