I will never buy a Ledger device again like NEVER

So Ledger removed my post because i posted screenshot of their sales and terms conditions. Wow? Why did you removed it mods?

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I am from Asia. Ordered Ledger Nano X from official website 6 weeks ago. It never arrived. Continuously contacted ledger support and they kept assuring me maximum time is 6 weeks and now that it's 6 weeks and again contacted them asking for refund and they said they are initiating investigation with courier and until the investigation is complete they won't refund me. Like the hell i care. I kept waiting for 6 weeks and now expect me to wait even more?

Thankfully, i paid with paypal and i have filled the dispute with paypal and if paypal doesn't help then i will go ahead and file the chargeback with my card provider. God help me if i would have paid with crypto these A**** would have never refunded me. Never buying from ledger again.

Case: 1164101

Case: 1203971

Ledger Sales Terms


It clearly shows if ledger is unable to deliver the product within 30 days of order placement then they will refund. It's been 40+ days for me now and they are not helping.

Update: Ledger Support team tried to bribe me with 40 Euro discount for next order. Like the hell i will order again. Just refund me money already. No help from them. Shame

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  1. Last December I bought a tool from a guy in Ukraine. After the estimated shipping time it still said it was in Ukraine. I figured the Russians blew it up. So I asked for a refund. He gave it to me. 1 month ago I got it in the mail. I messaged the seller and told him and asked for his contact info so I could pay him. It took 6 months to get Herr, and the other tool I bought from him took 2 weeks.

    Another time I ordered a tool from Leatherman directly and had thr same issue. When I called them they confirmed that it has been sitting at a UPS location for a month and will send another one. A week or so later I got both in the mail.

    So crap happens in the mailing process.

  2. I’ve no idea why your post was removed – it’s not in the moderation logs so likely some reddit trigger we don’t control

    Same answer as previously though – support will check your case during french business hours

  3. Sometimes these things happen with anybody, so long as u get compensated properly, it is all good

  4. Just curious, where in Asia? I’m in Singapore and I’m thinking of ordering through the official site, but after reading this, erm… lol.

  5. Shipping issues happen to all companies. But doesn’t mean anything like I’m still waiting for my Amazon deliveries but it doesn’t mean they are bad.

    I’m not a fan or critic of Ledger but I have to say my experience with had been very good. Every single Nano S that I owned went through issues with their screen. They replaced them right away.

  6. They DID deliver it! Its ASIA’S FAULT for blocking your delivery. They don’t need to eat the cost because customs seized your product. And idgaf about ledger either. So what I’m saying is common sense

  7. If you used your credit card to pay for your order, see if you can dispute your charges.

  8. I don’t blame Ledger for wanting to investigate. Bad for them (and you) if the package had been intercepted

  9. Wasn’t the issue your customs ? Like ledger shipped it and your country kept it ? Not ledger op

  10. Hey, didn’t you know it’s illegal to post things that are publicly available!?! Decisions Ledger are making of late are quite weird.

  11. This same thing happened to me. I had to go through my bank to cancel the transaction after 6+ weeks of getting nowhere with Ledger support.

    Im fully aware that items being lost by the shipper is not Ledgers fault but Ledgers response is just way too slow.

  12. For what it’s worth, when I bought the Bitcoin clock from the same people that make the Coldcard, what arrived was defective. Despite their backlog of orders, they sent me not just another new one for free but two new Bitcoin clocks for free, and they didn’t ask me to mail back the original.

    The defect on the original, as I showed them with pictures, had just one of the digits not updating. But I later discovered this only happened with it’s black on white display setting. With white on black configuration, it worked. So I have three of their popular price-watch products for the cost of one.

    By the way, the Coldcard is better than the Ledger.

  13. Reading your comments I doubt Ledger removed the post but rather Reddit did. Get some help dude, your reactions are insane.

    On topic: It states you can cancel in 30 days if it didn’t arrive to get a refund. You did not cancel in 30 days, you waited 42 days to contact them. 12 to late to cancel so if you want them to follow their own policies you are not eligible for a refund.

  14. Are you in the Philippines? Then expect quite some delay… 2 years ago had ordered a Nano X and it wasn’t the best experience to deal with the customs there…..

  15. Also it could be a problem with Chinese customs as in customs took your package which wouldn’t be ledger fault

  16. How about starting by eradicating the word “like” from your poor vocabulary? Like … right now?

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