I thought uniswap had decent rates??

This picture shows a 58% price impact. Is this because I have no actual Eth in my wallet to pay for this ?? If I put some Eth in it will really help then rate ?

3 thoughts on “I thought uniswap had decent rates??”

  1. I told about this problems with swap long time ago. But Uniswap team and users told me it’s not mistake of Uniswap. So, everybody see it now. Draw conclusions.

  2. Don’t trade on uniswap directly. Use a dex aggregator like https://swap.defillama.com/ to find the best price. If Uniswap has the best price (it rarely does in my experience), then the aggregator will use it

  3. Trading pairs work off liquidity pools, there is almost no one trading NEXO-CRO pair hence the difference, you either wanna do a dex aggregator or swap to eth and then to cro and eat the double gas fees.

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