I simulated buying 1 BTC whenever Ivan on Tech had “BUY” in his livestream thumbnail

I simulated buying 1 BTC whenever Ivan on Tech had “BUY” in his livestream thumbnail for the last 3 months. Here are the results.

Link to livestreams: https://www.youtube.com/@IvanOnTech/streams

For the sake of simplicity, I just used the closing price for the day of his thumbnail.

Date Thumbnail Price
Jun 20 BUYING!!!! $64881
Jun 12 BUYBUY!#$ $68247
May 27 BUYING!!! $69407
May 20 BUYING!! $71417
May 15 BUYING! $66259
Apr 23 BUYING!!! $66428
Apr 12 BUYING!! $67141

So if you had bought 1 BTC whenever Ivan on Tech had “BUY” in his livestream thumbnail for the last 3 months, you would have 7 BTC at an average cost of $67,682 and currently underwater by almost 20%, or a loss of over $90,000.

50 thoughts on “I simulated buying 1 BTC whenever Ivan on Tech had “BUY” in his livestream thumbnail”

  1. Influencers do not know what will happen to price like everyone else. Their business model works on people paying attention. They are scammers.

  2. To be fair, from a technical standpoint there have been times during this pullback where the asset looked like it would continue the bullish trend. Unfortunately the volume has remained low. For whatever reason no one turned up to the party and now with the mt gox/Germany fud, supply has outweighed demand. Nothing is certain my friend, it’s all just probabilities.

  3. Not a fair view really… he also told you to buy at 4k, 6k, 10k …..
    You need to be held to account also (if that’s the game we’re playing).

  4. Why only last 3 months? I don’t know this guy but this seems unfair on him. Quick check of his channel shows he was into crypto way before last bull run. If you followed him from the start you might have actually made money. It’s like judging events of a full day based on 1 hour.

  5. You’d also have to assess his sell thumbnails too to determine whether this strategy results in a profit or not.

    Additionally, that YouTuber has videos that are years old. Only using thumbnails from recent time when the price was at an all time high would most likely have the result you’ve shown. But if people had bought for as long as he’d been making videos, it would likely be highly profitable (coz Bitcoin, not Ivan).

  6. I don’t have the time rn but somebody should build a site that automatically analyzes popular yt thumbnails and titles using AI in order to create model portfolios for each. You could even add sentiment analysis for the subtitles.

    Based on that I envision a transparency dashboard where you can compare each YouTuber’s performance with each other, BTC only, or a global average.

    With the development of AI this should be fairly simple to do with out-of-the-way APIs

  7. You clowns think any of these other clowns can actually predict price movement and should be held accountable?

    Can you PLEASE send me a pic of the clown car you all share?

  8. This is completely random and not at all representative of his advice. He made some good calls in the past and his thumbnails are always super flashy (as youtube demands it). His TA is solid and OP would be better off educating themselves than making 5 minute “simulations” on reddit

  9. If there’s ever a influencer who actually knows his stuff it’s Ivan. He absolutely shills no doubt. But he has great insight and is very entertaining.

  10. Ivan on tech is literally the only crypto YouTuber that doesn’t shill bullshit. Of all the crap out there, THIS is what you’re reporting on?

  11. What a shit post. Try simulating winter 2023, or even 2017 when I first watched him.

    See, it’s all about perspective

  12. Thats a pretty short time line. BTC is the best performing asset of all time. Lets go back and look at this post 2 years from now. My guess is it wont age well.

  13. It looks bad today. Once it reaches new ATH, it’ll be a lot in profit.

    Any investment in a specific timeframe can look awful.

  14. Who?

    Anyone buying something because a YouTuber tells them to needs to have a strong word with themselves.

  15. Using 3 months as a sample is kinda unfair consider the guy has been streaming over 10 years. And in the last 3 months, the majority of crypto is down. Go back 12 months and most is up.

  16. Here’s a better idea. Don’t take crypto advice from “influences”. They’re all rabid jackals that need to be put down.

  17. Just DCA and stop blaming others on you being dumb and not having have a backbone with your decisions. If you really know what you are buying this should not be a problem.

  18. He is also involved in direct crypto scams. You can check zachxbt posts on X with details on how he did it.

  19. Are you going to come back in a few years when the price has more than doubled and retract your poorly designed study?

  20. Gosh almost as if listening to fuckheads on Youtube about what to do with your money, especially when it relies on a bigger sucker to cash you out, isn’t necessarily the wisest thing to do.

  21. “Guys, Guys*sips water*,….Guys! Just cuz someone ehhh someone puts in there title and thumbnail BUY BUY BUY. You cant just Buy. You know? Cmon guys. Now sponsor talk time.”

    But on the real though titles and thumbnails are clickbait by nature. And never listen some random person on youtube. Take what they give and do your own research .

  22. So YT guy doesn’t know when to buy? And only knows how to thumbnail to get views? Shocking.

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