I need help with my Metamask Ethereum Balance not showing.

So I live in India and recently I bought $70 worth of Ethereum on my Metamask account but for some reason its not showing the balance in my wallet. I'm new to crypto so I don't really understand what has happened. I would like some assistance to solve this please.


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3 thoughts on “I need help with my Metamask Ethereum Balance not showing.”

  1. You should have it in your wallet but your wallet is compromised they get sent out immediately more like a bot placed on your wallet

  2. Looks like a bot on your account transferring it out as soon as it comes in unfortunately bro.

    Address its being sent to is:

    Unfortunately that crypto is gone as it’s already been sent. Best bet is set up a new wallet, your current one is compromised, don’t connect your wallet to foreign sites in future or give anyone your recovery phrase

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