I Make $36,000 A Month Passive Income From NFT’s

Ryan Pineda

I Make $36,000 A Month Passive Income From NFT’s

I reveal my passive income though NFT’s… Join the Wealthy Way today and get access to my free course, planner, and discord community! m Follow me on snapchat! @ryanpinedashow I Spent $334,697 on NFT’s To Join The Neo Tokyo Metaverse – I ______________________________________________________ For a free consultation with my team go to m Go Subscribe to My Podcast “The Ryan Pineda Show” w Want to invest in real estate deals with me? Go to m Want to be coached by me? Apply at m Let my company make you passive income through E-commerce Automation! Watch the case study at m Need Tax and Accounting help? Contact my CPA Firm! / Follow me on Social Media: w a w ______________________________________________________ I make $1,200 a day passively through my NFT collection! I plan to to make my own NFT this year, so in order to make a successful NFT, I wanted to join a successful NFT project to see how and why it’s so successful! I bought my first citizen this year and get access to some extremely valuable perks!. There are two types of citizens, an S1 citizen and an S2 citizen. An S1 citizen generates bytes every day, thus creating a passive income. An S2 citizen allows you to game in the metaverse, but does not generate a passive income. I have three S1 citizens and save the bytes they make every day, generating about $1,200 per day! The Neo Tokyo community is also vetting NFT projects constantly, so I am able to get into the projects that pass the process. If I get into the right projects, I can make a lot of money to invest in crypto gaming! Neo Tokyo is also hosting the Meta Tournament which is bringing in a lot of money and could potentially win money. This has never been done before in crypto gaming, and I expect this to really take off and become more common in the future. What NFT’s do you recommend? NFT’s, minting, Neo Tokyo, crypto, metaverse, gaming, make money, passive income, S1 citizen, what is an NFT, NFTs explained, How to buy an NFT, how to make an NFT, how to invest in NFTs, what NFTs cost, NFTs beginner, should I buy an NFT, NFT definition, NFTs how to make money, NFT how to get started, NFT art, NFT crypto, NFT games

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9 thoughts on “I Make $36,000 A Month Passive Income From NFT’s”

  1. The price of $BYTES are $110 today. That would be $40,000 per month or $480,000 per year. NFT’s are crazy!

  2. Ryan is a good looking dude but he has questionable hair cuts and colors that looks silly

  3. Hey Ryan! could you please do a video or give advice on what you'd do present day to maximize ROI (in general, not necessarily NFTs) if you were starting from scratch? Lets say with a realistic 10k/20k/30k saved. Because a lot of these big ventures are only feasible for people who are already rich. Clearly money makes money. what would u advise most of us starting from square one trying to level up, get out the corporate rat race and provide for our families long term? Big thanks if u see this! 🔥

  4. This all reeks of bullshit. Where's a basic link to the Neo Tokyo website? How do you sign up? Why don't you put the links in your description? Serious basic steps are missing from your descriptions and steps on how you're ACTUALLY making $1,200 bucks a month. At face value this is little more than a monetized Youtube channel.

    #ClickBait Prove me wrong.

  5. Same! Learn how to do this and invest in index funds and long term wealth on my channel!

  6. Seems like a ponzi scheme to me. Creating "value" out of thin air except new people burning real $$ into buying those bytes and citizens

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