I love the fact that DOT is underrated

Amazing tools are being created by Polkadot. But, you are correct if you think that the majority are not yet ready.

It's been my favorite project ever since I started paying attention to it around a year ago. Through their YouTube channel, they do an excellent job of connecting with the GP, and they innovate every single day.

In this bear market, I have read a great deal about Polkadot, and I admire the project and its objectives. They held a great event called “Decoded.” I got to see some parachains like aca, unq, eq, and glmr discussing upcoming changes. Dot ranks second to eth in importance among my alternative currencies.

There isn't a fundamental reason why it couldn't be a competition for eth, but it's not intended to be one. I really believe it will have a significant impact for the years to come.

I love the fact that DOT is underrated

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  2. There is a lot of potential here. The current price represents a nearly 240% increase in value in less than two years.

  3. I don’t really follow Polkadot developments, but trying to govern is important and very difficult. I wish they could find a successful model that others could use.

  4. It’s true, but it’s also the 6th highest market cap in crypto, so not that underrated.

  5. Although DOT’s development is great, the project lacks marketing hype. This is not to imply that it is necessary, but you can’t just construct and hope people will find your product.

  6. The projects are evolving into what we might refer to as super apps, which are programs facing actual market rivalry. Check out what Phala (blockchain processing), Robonomics (IoT and robots controlled by smart contracts), eWT (energy grid), and other companies are building. These are all intended to be used in conjunction with one another (Polkadot supports this) and for apps to create complex software. But I doubt it will be ready until two years at the earliest.

  7. It’s not underrated. It’s one of the highest value projects currently.

  8. IMO, this is one of the best cryptos but it just can’t seem to hold a good price

  9. I am noticing Moonbeam also being talked about. I am very curious to see if the Polkadot ecosystem proves to be useful.

    During the previous run, there was some hype, but hardly any chatter about DOT

  10. Underrated but what will it do that millions or billions of people will use it for?

    I love crypto but starting to wonder who are the billions going to use it. Only people buying these tokens are after quick profit.

    Maybe one day web 3.0 will be used by the masses.

  11. I totally love how secure DOT feels as an investment alternative. It just doesn’t seem to be going away, despite all of the progress.

  12. DOT seems to be a good investment so far for me. I doubted it at first but eventually, I saw its potential. Now I own DOT in my Netcoins exchange after they recently listed it.

  13. Underrated 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 and it’s at top 10 what more you want OP !! I think it’s very overrated

  14. Polkadot is working on several projects at the same time. This is their key to success.

  15. Pick another coin out of top 250 then you can say under rated but a top 10 one really…and you don’t really like its supposed underatedness as that only makes the price weaker which at the end of the day is probably why you invested. Unless you are one of the in it for the tech gang ….

  16. It’s not underrated for all the hype the token is actually underperforming for a while.

    People love the idea of it and are starry eyed for Dr Gavin Wood but that has not translated in any meaningful use yet.

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