I lost my RETIREMENT savings with the ledger swap function

Hello Community,  


I tried to swap 725000 DOGE for 4.08 BTC on Sunday, November 6th, 2022 via the ledger live app. I used the in app swap function which is directly provided and promoted by ledger. 


The partner for this swap was FTX. On Sunday there was NOT a single warning from ledger and they offered the SWAP function as usual. But this swap failed badly! (Swap ID: 8dbdff44-efe6-4b3e-803c-ce8ff82d0a48)


My DOGE are gone and I received nothing back! Ledger says the transaction is “Onhold” or “Unknown” and the customer support is just pointing to FTX. No further information of the swapstatus, no clear statement where my funds, no help at all…

Transaction ID: https://dogechain.info/tx/37e07cf12c0a3387010934b6b92e35a56790ca2c78f03c6c32c4f792c99945da


That’s not at all what I expect from a in house SWAP function!! As I said I used the application because I had much trust in ledger and their products. 


Now I lost all my retirement savings!


So doesn’t ledger take any responsibility for their application, their swap function, and their clients? Just pointing to a broke partner, because it’s convenient?? Is that the way to do business nowadays?. I am deeply disappointed!


Ledger I expect an answer and help from the management / CIO here! My Ledger Support – Case ID is 593116. You can't do business like that with customers that trusted you and paid you a lot of money.   


If someone can help me to follow the fund route further I would be very thankful.


Many greetings 


I lost my RETIREMENT savings with the ledger swap function