I continue to buy, support, and love Harmony.

I bought in at 2 cent, then dropped a lot of cash when it was .29, and .35. I'm down a lot, but still here. I believe in the team, I love the community, and I still use the chain daily.

Hang in there everyone. It will all pay off in the end!

I continue to buy, support, and love Harmony.

12 thoughts on “I continue to buy, support, and love Harmony.”

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  2. Don’t buy any more than you’re willing to lose. This goes for all crypto let alone a project that just lost so much money and trust

  3. No one is saying that Harmony is a bad project as a whole, but lack of updates about the hack is nerve wrecking. If Harmony doesn’t get extra funds to run its bridge no matter the technology they can’t do business. But yeah, let’s stay positive πŸ™‚

  4. I’m buying more and continuing to stake.
    I expect a slow, fast or no recovery.
    Earning about 10% along the way to whatever happens.

  5. I’m with you. I’ve been buying in all along since last February. Keep DCA’ing to offset the FOMO money lost @ 0.25 and up. Validator requirements dropped from 100k to 10k $ONE so I want to give that a try for passive income staking. Not sure if it’s going to pay better than delegating at this point, but feels like a good reason to teach my son how to convert an overachieving POW xeon server making $1.20/day mining ETH to POS harmony validator. My prediction is that we’ll all be laughing about this bear market blip in a few years while the others are like WTF?!? Stay strong πŸ’ͺ

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