I can’t overstate the need to buy Bitcoin right NOW as soon as possible!

The top three asset managers BlackRock, Vanguard, and Fidelity are accumulating Bitcoin right now; some chain analysis nerds have already found Vanguard's custodial wallet (Robinhood) which holds ₿118,300. They're also majority shareholders in Bitcoin mining companies in the US.

What they're going to do is get regulatory approval from the SEC to launch their own individual ETFs, then repackage it and charge you a fee for putting it in your retirement plan. You'll see a sudden influx of new marketing while Bitcoin becomes the 'new big thing' as if it hasn't already existed for over 14 years now.

It makes infinitely more sense to own Bitcoin now instead of waiting for the TV to tell you to.

50 thoughts on “I can’t overstate the need to buy Bitcoin right NOW as soon as possible!”

  1. That was some good hopium. Thank you!

    I feel refreshed and reenergized for the future.

  2. Don’t forget the corporates will be going in heavy, given the new FASB rulles for GAAP in 2025.

    Pelion upon Ossa, yes?

  3. Where are the disclosure docs saying the companies are buying BTC? Nothing yiu are saying can be proven without them.

  4. I have strong conviction that bitcoin will be the ultimate currency and store of value but please don’t make these claims.

    There is no evidence that any of the institutions are accumulating btc. There is no guarantee that spot Bitcoin etf will be approved and even if it is approved, there is no evidence that there is any demand for the etf.

    The only thing matters is the number of people who understand bitcoin and all the evidence shows that it is incredibly hard to understand bitcoin and the adoption of bitcoin is very very slow. There is no sudden influx and sudden jump coming.

  5. The point about an influx of new marketing is a good one. I didn’t really think about that but Wall Street is gonna make it look like it was their idea and it’ll be the shiny new object for flailing investment funds.

  6. It’s becoming a trend… people coming on only to post all sorts of Bitcoin propaganda. It gets a bit annoying. Give it a break.

  7. Thank you for sharing this great opportunity with everyone! It sounds like a really great opportunity!

  8. The Michael Sailor interview with Ran this AM will tell you all you need to know about the future impact of a spot ETF. Worth a listen.


  9. Vanguard does not use Robinhood. Robinhood doesn’t perform custodial services. Sorry this is pure BS.

  10. No. You can and have overstated.

    Bitcoin is not going anywhere. It’s a revolution in state management, trust systems, power logistics, and self sovereignty among other fields and use cases. It’s not some investment you lose out by being “late” on. It’s so much more than that. As a hard money with practical application it will of course appreciate relative to inflationary fiats over time, but that’s no reason to rush someone into being self responsible out of greed or fomo. If they aren’t ready to be self responsible they can expose themselves to serious risk.

    Better to take your time and learn for as long as is necessary to build comfort. Use testnet, have a use case, do some verifying before you buy is my advice. Don’t rush. Don’t worry about beating some hedge fund managers. Bitcoin isn’t WSB.

  11. I don’t NEED to buy anything.

    also, which one is it: right now or “as soon as possible “?

  12. They’ll never want sheeple and simple jacks from the buttcoin subreddit to change their minds. Their stupid is a very special kind of stupid.

  13. I work for one of the asset managers mentioned and I’m sorry but half this post is complete nonsense. There is no direct accumulation happening here.

    Owning mining companies is accurate but that’s solely because they are publicly traded companies and if your fund follows an index that happens to include these companies you’re going to end up owning it – but that is no different to the fund owning any other listed company.

  14. Ehh this feels like a ruse, I think institutions are going to dump short of the halvening. Halvening occurs, miners quit, sell their BTC, sell their rigs as it’s no longer profitable. Then institutions buy it cheap.

    But what they don’t know is…I’ll be buying too. Anybody that buys now is about to get wrecked.

  15. The lack of understanding in this sub of how [passive] asset managers work is getting annoying.

    Posts like these have zero value add and are extremely misleading.

  16. I think you are missing the whole point of WHY large institutions are stacking BTC. Once these ETFs get approved they will start dumping on people already. They are not looking for 100x gains. They will sell at 5 10 25 50 100% and move the market to their whim. They might even try to liquidate each other if they know their moves and try to do options on the ETFs.

    The little guy HODLING will not win in this scenario.

    Downvote me all you want, all I want is for BTC to go up, having it reach prev ATH would be life-changing for me but nah, the market is designed to take your money and play on your emotions.

  17. “Infinitely more” I’m in 100% That’s about as strong a recommendation I’ve heard since the dotcom 90s. Don’t miss this one!

  18. Sounds like someone bought some bitcoin in the sixty thousand dollar range and is trying to get others to get him back to even again.

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