I bought some more SUSHI (Sushi Swap token)

10 Bucks Crypto

I bought some more SUSHI (Sushi Swap token)

My name is Sebastian and this is my project where I’m buying for 10 Bucks of #Crypto everyday! This is a video for days 118 and I bought some more #SUSHI (#SushiSwap token) on Binance. If you don’t already have a Binance account you can do it here (we will both profit): /> TWITTER GIVEAWAY: 2 Find out more info about SUSHI token on my website: / Don’t forget to subscribe! —————————- Follow me on these profiles: Youtube (main profile!): g Twitter: o TikTok: o Facebook: / Google Sheet Portfolio: /> —————————- Donate: BTC: 3MCodfSpzNfhm1z7WfwCCVSxsJC2cDFPdy ETH: 0x7D2cED05004DA57D0700Bc740b167C548B6a946C LTC: MPGSmVsi8Jk5gkYouUmoDr69hXX9xkdGsU USDT: 0x44011a20f33F84f7beDD5FC477f9D4fAaB771986 DOGE: DBba8TJfYBKcYCdzNUEzwXEeAUp4kArNgh Do your own research – this is not investment advice! This is for general information only.

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  1. bro you are a good person i like your speech and the way you speak portfolio word is also quite different than others. also you are a very good person and this channel is very underrated 😁

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