How can I disconnect from my Trezor ?

Back in October '21, I accepted/received 300,000 ERC-20 tokens from an airdrop from I naively thought they were being given out as minor compensation for an earlier Coinbase glitch. I haven't done anything with those 300,000 tokens other than to have received them into my ETH wallet, which I have on my Trezor M1. I use the Trezor Suite to see my wallets.

Although no harm seems to have come from accepting these zero-value tokens (knock on wood!), I've since learned (see ) that it's a fraud/scam. I'd of course rather not have them showing up in my ETH wallet, and remove any future concern around this scam .

My understanding is that I need to “disconnect” the “dapp” from my Trezor wallet, and throw away those useless tokens, but I can't find any way to do so in the Trezor Suite. Is there a way?

I see some mention of connecting the Trezor to and then using MetaMask's capabilities to disconnect unwanted dapps, but that seems an odd way to go. I would think/hope that Trezor would allow disconnecting of unwanted dapps directly. Is there a way?

Edit: Stop with the instant message requests; I'm not going to respond to random “helpers” in a chat. Geesh, so many scammers hang out on these crypto boards.

How can I disconnect from my Trezor ?