hodlers of 1 bitcoin or less are buying more than the daily supply coming from miners, this is huge

Said in this video:

DCAing is sucking all supply and any big guy buyings simply pump prices…

We are going moon and we are going fast

11 thoughts on “hodlers of 1 bitcoin or less are buying more than the daily supply coming from miners, this is huge”

  1. Yeah no, they can’t tell who is buying. I am not reporting to anyone if I’m a 1 btc or less holder or not.

  2. https://www.bitpanda.com/academy/en/lessons/what-are-public-keys-private-keys-and-wallet-addresses/

    For anyone confused on what a wallet is representing.

  3. This stat is garbage. There is no way to know how many addresses people have based on on-chain data alone.

    One person could have 50 BTC spread across 100 addresses of 0.5 each.

  4. People are missing the point. It’s the outflow emptying exchanges that is the pertinent fact.

  5. Just imagine when the supply cuts in half… and an EFT opens it up to all the old golf guys who were afraid to hold it before.

  6. This notion of holding 1 full Bitcoin thus being privileged is nonsense.

    If Bitcoin goes to zero, you won’t be happy whether you held 0.5, 1 or 10.

    Likewise if Bitcoin goes to $1,000,000, you’re not going to feel you missed out because you only had 0.5 Bitcoin now valued at $500,000.

    Bitcoin is either slowly going to zero, or slowly going up, forever. Conduct your own research and position yourself accordingly.

  7. These metrics will always be off. Owners of multiple bitcoin can have addresses with under 1 bitcoin.

  8. Do not read the comments of this thread about wallet/address semantics unless you want to lose brain cells. I warned ya.

  9. this Sound pretty dumb 1 Coin or less these with 5 -123 Coins already bought and the poor go all in??🥳

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