Hi there! Brendan here, co-founder at Myria, a web3 gaming ecosystem with 1M+ users, 250+ projects, and celebrity AAA game titles. Myria’s ETH L2 uses ZK roll-ups, offering instant txns at 0 gas and free NFT minting. Myria also has its own L2 wallet, NFT marketplace, SDKs, and AAA game studio. AMA!

Check out some of our highlights:

The Myria Platform

An all-in-one Ethereum L2 platform powered by StarkWare, where you’ll find Myria’s NFT marketplace, game ecosystem, dApps, the Myria Wallet, and more.

250+ projects

The Myria ecosystem is always expanding and more than 250 Web3 projects are already building on it to deliver the next generation of blockchain games.

The MYRIA token

Myria’s native token, MYRIA, will launch in a few days and will help connect the different features of our ecosystem into a circular economy. Read the MYRIA whitepaper to find out more.

Partnered with a cricket legend

Cricket Legend AB de Villiers, better known as Mr360, has partnered with Myria to create a story-based cricket arcade game, following his life journey into the world’s second-most popular sport.

Developer tools

If you want to make your game blockchain-capable without spending big on web3 development, come check out our SDK. We’ve written all the code for you, so you can easily plug into our stack and allot your focus to making great, binge-worthy games.

Myria Studios

Where we make our own AAA games. We love making games that spark joy, which is why we’ve deployed the expertise of studio veterans who've worked at Ubisoft, EA, and 2K. The first game by Myria Studios is Metarush, an obstacle course battle royale title that is currently in pre-alpha. We’ve already had a closed gameplay demo presenting Metarush to the public for the first time.

Drop by for a fun chat around web3, blockchain gaming, decentralized asset ownership, L2s, tokenomics, and more.

Ask your questions and you can get a piece of the $2000 in MYRIA tokens! We’ll be rewarding the best 80 questions! Full mechanics and registration here.

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Read our whitepaper

50 thoughts on “Hi there! Brendan here, co-founder at Myria, a web3 gaming ecosystem with 1M+ users, 250+ projects, and celebrity AAA game titles. Myria’s ETH L2 uses ZK roll-ups, offering instant txns at 0 gas and free NFT minting. Myria also has its own L2 wallet, NFT marketplace, SDKs, and AAA game studio. AMA!”

  1. Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your products?

  2. Experienced team is the most vital thing in building company growth, a project will not develop without being managed by an experienced team, whatever it is good. so, how about project? does your team have good experience in the cryptocurrency world?

  3. How does Myria plan to ensure the scalability and sustainability of its ecosystem in the long-term? I just want to know what actions this team will take in order to ensure the scalability for this project going forward. Providing insight into the plans for the future will not only help investors and users make informed decisions, but also demonstrate the team’s commitment to building a thriving Web3 gaming ecosystem that wethe users can trust.

  4. What are the benefits for using this platform and and what are the aspects of this platform in the coming future?

  5. Buzz words gallore, not answering any questions, no AMA flair, clear ripoff games… be right back gotta go to the red flags emporium.

  6. Good afternoon. My understanding is that Myria’s technology is very similar to Immutable X’s. Could you tell us what are your differences and advantages? Immutable recently announced the launch of an Immutable zkEVM solution with Polygon, where smart contracts will be available. What about smart contracts on Myria? Will they be available? What solution will you use for them?

  7. Will Myria have its own streaming platform ? Is there any feedback or demand at the moment?

  8. I see some requirements for Nodes and as a Mac user, specifically which Mac models are confirmed for this. Coudl you share?

  9. Will Myria have its own launchpad ? And about this phrase “We work closely with you from onboarding to deployment, provide advice from technical support to best practice recommendations to unlock new revenue streams and opportunities.” my question is that,


    Does Myria go partner with those projects via investment or consultancy support and therefore get some share?

  10. Price of nodes will have a locked price in Myria tokens or will change depending on the price of the token?

  11. Hello Brendan,

    My question is regarding Myria revenue generation for its operations.

    The blockchain supports web3 free-to-play gaming, and it offers ZERO gas cost.

    So I am trying to understand how the project is generating revenues to support its operational costs?

  12. hello sir brendan i have a question that why you choose MYRIA name? what are the reason behind this MYRIA name?


    thank you🙏

  13. What is your optimal ratio between doing the job (development) and marketing your results? I know there is no magic number but I am curious to hear your take on it?

  14. $Myria will be the only token in the ecosystem for payment or will Eth and game specific tokens allowed in the projects?

  15. Will Myria node rewards be available immediately after launch or will be a test period without rewards?

  16. Directly comparing with other competing networks old and new including arb/stark – what is the most differing attribute of the Myria network that would help onboard more games publishers to the network?

  17. What is the revenue model of Myria ? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit? So many projects just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?

  18. How does your implementation of oracles help bridge the web2 assets into web3. Is it supposed to help and make it easier for current developers of existing game models to bridge their game and assets directly onto the blockchain? and what kind of web2 data/offline assets do you expect would be recorded by the oracle? How will you tackle the mainstream adoption of current web2 obstacles such as emails for sign ups to be connected to web3 blockchain wallets?

  19. Hi Brendan.

    1. How would you compare Myria to other established industry veterans such as Gala Games and Immutable X?

    2. What does your current runway look like? (How long can you keep building in a typical bearmarket, if you dont sell many nodes in your public sale?)

    3. You mentioned the cricket game and your inhouse game MetaRush. What external project besides the cricket game makes you most excited and why?

  20. Hi Brendan, after the Myria Token goes live, would it be used for purchasing nodes on the Myria blockchain

  21. Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like your?

  22. What are the key milestones on your roadmap – both what you have already achieved and what we can look forward to? Are there any partnerships and short/long term technical advances that you would like to talk about or highlight?

  23. When someone mentions NFT, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is, I guess, digital art in the virtual space. Some of them have practical applications, but most of them are works of art. Can you provide a daily use framework that you think MYRIA products will be in?

  24. Hey, I have done setting up Myria wallet! Now here are some questions I wanted to get answered by you:

    Q.1 How do you think advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence will transform your field in the coming years, and what are some of the most exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead?

  25. The game looks like infinite amounts of ass. Is that triple A gaming? Solo indie devs are outpacing this garbage with room to spare. And otherwise just a bunch of empty marketing lingo. Perfect example why you can’t trust moon holders at all, if they somehow greenlit this nonsense. Hardly any question answered either.

  26. What is your long-term vision for the future of your crypto game ecosystem, and how do you see it evolving over time?

  27. Myria has its own L2 wallet, NFT marketplace, and SDKs. Can you walk us through how these tools work and how they help developers build and monetize games on the Myria platform?

  28. How do you plan to attract game developers to your ecosystem, and what incentives will you offer them to participate?

  29. Hello mr Brendan!

    What is the best way to promote the Myria ecosystem on a win-win basis?
    Is there an active program for influencers/referrals to promote the Myria, if not, is it planned in near future?

    Thank you!

  30. now, is there any Myria airdrop already to users using the platform before? And are you gonna sell the token within few days like Arbitrum team? I might buy the token but just wanna make sure I won’t provide liquidity money for other people

  31. Hello mr. Brendan!
    1.Security and anonymity are always prioritized by blockchain projects in the development of project platforms and technologies. So, does you have any technological solutions or plans to enhance user trust in these issues?

    1. What aspects of the game do you plan to focus on in order to keep the game going for a long time?
      What are you focusing on right now?

    Thank you!

  32. Hello mr Brendan!
    What technologies do you think will determine the future of the gaming industry in the next 10 years?
    I would like to have the opportunity to play completely different games with my nft.

    And do you use emotion recognition technology in games?

    Thank you 🙏

  33. How do you make your games fun to play and not just about financial greed with the crypto/blockchain component?

  34. Hi, Brendan, Tall_CowBO here, i have the questions below:

    1/ What is Myria’s vision for all the game lover in the next few years?

    2/ Compared with other projects, what is Myria’s greatest competitiveness?

    3/ Why you choose ZK roll-ups instead of other Layer 2 networks?

  35. hi just wondering why a cricket mobile game lol, out of all the things that have an active audience

  36. cant say im a fan of the cricket mobile game its not my jam

    in what avenues can a design oriented person participate on this ecosystem?

  37. Are any of your games play to earn? And if not do you ever see that becoming a model you adopt for your games?

  38. Where can the token be traded? Do you have anything in the works to be added to any major exchange?

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