Here is my seedphrase – try to steal the money

The EGLDHeist campaign has raised funds for it's community campaign.

It is trying to show off the security of accounts on the sharded MultiversX blockchain network.

The following seedphrase is secured by native decentralized on-chain 2FA.

Try to crack or bypass the 2FA and all the money is yours!

1 pledge
2 pulse
3 smoke
4 nuclear
5 parent
6 tuition
7 answer
8 library
9 weasel
10 tray
11 subject
12 stamp
13 prepare
14 neutral
15 enable
16 cross
17 beef
18 erase
19 medal
20 country
21 fetch
22 embark
23 liar
24 shine

As a wallet, you can use any MultiversX compatible wallet such as xPortal, the MultiversX web wallet ( or the chrome/firefox defi extension, or Ledger, or Trustwallet, or any other wallet.

Good luck!

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them in the comments.

//EDIT: To learn more about the tech behind this, check out the website and the docs (scroll a bit down):

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