Henry Ford’s [bitcoin] energy currency full article

I think most people have heard of the newspaper article about Henry Ford advocating for an energy currency for the US but usually it is just the front page, so sharing the full story including the continued back page (I’ve never seen it with the back page continuation of the article)


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19 thoughts on “Henry Ford’s [bitcoin] energy currency full article”

  1. It’s been posted before. But I’m glad you’ve seen it now. It’s a good read.

  2. I’m surprised I’ve never seen this before. It’s really remarkable because once you get deep into it you realise that an “energy currency” is exactly what Bitcoin, with proof of work, is. I wonder what he would make of Bitcoin.

  3. Considering that Ford sent cars to both the Allies and the Axis during WWII, I take the second part of that headline to be total rubbish.

  4. For the first time ever humans have access to true property rights that are not spoils of war.

  5. Quoting Mr. Ford from the article:

    “Foreign countries ought not raise objection about accepting money based on Muscle Shoals, for Muscel Shoals is a national and not an international matter, and the money would only be for use at home.”

    That categorically does not sound like Bitcoin. At all.

  6. Back then they really were fond of hyphenating the word “today” (“to-day”).

  7. Regrettably this aligned with his antisemtic publishing. Ford is definitely someone we should both revere and despise

  8. However this was when oil was booming in America and not yet discovered in the middle east….

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