I am a newbie.
I went to and connected the app to my Trustwallet and bought hedron tokens using Ethereum. It went through on my wallet. Money was deducted there. But on the Uniswap app, it was just processing nonstop.

The transaction went through on my trust wallet. On my trust wallet when i click on the Ethereum, there is a “smart contract call” showing under “today”. When i click on it it says completed. When i click on more details, it brings up with:

Transaction details
There is “transaction hash” status success

I tried to add the token to my wallet but could not do it. Tried copy either of the following to try add the token to my wallet

“transaction hash”


I can't seem to find the contract address to add to my wallet. Please help. Thanks


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  1. 0x3819f64f282bf135d62168c1e513280daf905e06

    That might be the contract, don’t know if that is the correct one as I’ve never heard of hedron before

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