HBAR Price Sees a Positive Uptick, Time to Celebrate

Hey there, fellow Hedera enthusiasts! It's time to get excited because HBAR's price is on the rise! Right now, the live Hedera price is $0.066594 USD, and we've seen a solid 5.03% increase in the last 24 hours. That's not too shabby, huh?

And you know what's even cooler? The price of Hedera has broken through the EMA 200! That's a pretty solid sign that we could be in for some more gains in the near future.


We've had a trading volume of $43,563,934 USD in the past day, and our current CoinMarketCap ranking is #33. With a market cap of $2,040,000,934 USD and a circulating supply of 30,633,415,346 HBAR coins, we're still in a good spot, folks!
But we all know that HBAR is more than just its price. It's a smart contracts platform that's super fast, has low fees, and is eco-friendly. The only thing holding us back is adoption, so let's keep spreading the word and getting more people on board!

In the past week, we did see a slight dip of -0.91%, but hey, no one's perfect, right? We're all about those positive vibes, so let's focus on the fact that we're currently up ~6% in the last 24 hours!

So let's keep our spirits high and our HBAR hodling strong! Together, we'll ride this wave of excitement and make the most of this fantastic Hedera journey!

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2 thoughts on “HBAR Price Sees a Positive Uptick, Time to Celebrate”

  1. Super bullish on hedera, to be fair, its governance alone sold me on it a long time ago. Hedera’s metrics and adoption level only verify what I already thought.

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