Has Anyone Else Noticed Velar’s Move to Revolutionize DeFi with a Perpetual DEX on Bitcoin?

Hey everyone, I've been closely following the evolution of DeFi platforms and stumbled upon something pretty exciting—Velar is on its way to launching the world's first perpetual DEX built on Bitcoin. This could be a game-changer, right?
The idea of a perpetual DEX isn't just new; it's revolutionary. Think about it: combining the security and robustness of Bitcoin with the endless possibilities of DeFi. Velar is aiming to bridge these two worlds, potentially opening up a whole new realm of trading strategies and opportunities that were previously confined to traditional finance or not possible due to the limitations of existing blockchain infrastructures.
What intrigues me the most is how they plan to tackle the common DeFi issues like liquidity and security. Plus, operating on Bitcoin could bring a level of stability and trust that's hard to find in the current Ethereum-dominated DeFi space. But I have questions—how will they ensure deep liquidity? What mechanisms are in place to protect users against the inherent volatility?
Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Could Velar's approach to perpetual DEXs on Bitcoin be the breakthrough we've been waiting for in DeFi?


2 thoughts on “Has Anyone Else Noticed Velar’s Move to Revolutionize DeFi with a Perpetual DEX on Bitcoin?”

  1. Really sounds like ChatGPT wrote this.

    Here’s what you want to say:

    This is the first perp dex on BTC (if true).

    Comparable dexes on other chains have x, y, z market cap.

    Potential growth thus = w

    Tokenomics are good because…

    Founders are doxxed and are ….

    Catalyst: benefits from y narrative.

    That’s what I want to read.

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