Harmony’s FINAL Term

The team reaffirmed the community that the global manhunt for the criminal(s) who stole the $100 million from the Horizon Bridge is underway.

All exchanges have been notified, law enforcement as well as partners Chainalysis and AnChainAI are actively investigating individuals involved for recovery of stolen assets.

At this time, the Harmony team has offered one final opportunity for individuals involved to return the assets with anonymity. The final term is they retain $10 million and return the remaining amount, in addition to the team ceasing the investigation.

The deadline for a response from the responsible party is Monday, July 4th at 23:00 GMT to initiate communication.

In addition to this, the team has announced a $10 million offering for information that leads to the return of stolen funds.

The ETH address to return the funds to is 0xd6ddd996b2d5b7db22306654fd548ba2a58693ac and information leading to the arrest can be e-mailed to the team at whitehat@harmony.one

The transaction ID for the message sent to the culprit(s) is 0xa4eda32985503e91dd02c31222a5e53a6a40f55129ec86c716d6446a7186b426

“Our bounty is now raised to $10MM. We are offering this as a final opportunity for those responsible to return stolen assets with anonymity and free from further investigations. Contact us at whitehat@harmony.one and send a transaction back from this ETH address to start a discussion.”

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Harmony’s FINAL Term

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