Harmony offers 1 Million bounty, regarding information about the hack.


I think, it is too less at this stage for the survival of the chain, I would up it to 4-7 million, but the team knows best I guess.

reddit imageHarmony offers 1 Million bounty, regarding information about the hack.

21 thoughts on “Harmony offers 1 Million bounty, regarding information about the hack.”

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  2. The amount can be debated I guess, but at the end of the day the $100M is dirty money as is. The 1M would be a clean payment. If it’s a lone hacker, could be a deal worth taking.

  3. I agree it’s pretty bad, the Solana Wormhole bridge bounty was about 3% of stolen funds. Hopefully they have VCs to bail them out instead.

  4. I agree, i think 1 million is low balling it. I think a minimum of 5 all the way to 10. This is a mayor f-up in their part and the survival of the entire ecosystem is at stake.

  5. Gray Hat’s usually take 10% don’t they? A bit of low-balling here.

    I think the major issue is if this is an individual that is doing it for the thrill of the hack rather than someone doing it for the money. Ok they’ll never be able to use the dirty money–what’s stopping them from sending it to a burn wallet as an F-U with no trace of who they are?

  6. If it was an insider leak that led to the attack, as appears by the hacker acquiring two private keys, then they’d be happy to take 1m anonymously and we still won’t know if we can trust the team. Harmony shouldve given up a key for votes by the community a long time ago, and now until they distribute security consensus more broadly for all value features I’m going to be skeptical of safety on ONE.

    As much as I hope it’s not an inside job, it’s clear this was not a contract logic hack, so I think it’s most it’s plausibly a trust hack. Please prove me wrong, I am disappointed as I wanted to build here someday.

  7. Isn’t that message usually code for, we know who they are. Come clean if you are an associate or accessory and you will be rewarded

  8. No…. no, they do not know best. Clearly, after the last few months, they do not know best. To be clear, my criticism has nothing to do with price action.

  9. It was probably Russia or the DPRK and the money will not be recoverable. We already know the DPRK has a pretty legit group of hackers and have stolen crypto before. Russia is just a guess on my part, but makes sense given the war.

  10. I just wish ( too late I know). Harmony would have just focused on ramping its security protocols or looking at development efforts to make itself valuable rather than focus on pointless daos where they were just getting scammed.

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