Harmony: 2021 Insights

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🌟Dear ONE Community!

🚀2021 was a milestone in the improvement and expansion of Harmony blockchain. Throughout the year, Harmony built a number of strong partnerships, successfully implemented lots of large-scale projects, and made a significant contribution to the development of our ecosystem. Here we have some of the main achievements👇

🟡 We launched full compatibility with Ethereum tools including Metamask, Web3.js, ethers.js, Truffle and Remix.

🟡 We presented at Miami Blockchain Week and at ETHDenver on scaling Ethereum applications and cross-chain finance.

🟡 The Harmony team introduced the first governance app for Harmony network > App.

🟡 Sushiswap, which is one of the top decentralized exchanges, launched on Harmony, demonstrating our full Ethereum compatibility for deploying apps and for users accessing via Metamask.

🟡 Announced $1 Million Hackathon: Over $1,000,000 in prizes and seed funding had been set up for a hackathon bridging Traditional Finance to Decentralized Finance.

🟡 $300M Ecosystem Fund: Harmony launched a $300M fund to enhance the growth of our ecosystem.

🟡 In October, Aragon joined Harmony: Aragon is a leading platform for decentralized governance and DAOs.

🟡 Aave and Curve proposals passed and they launched on Harmony Mainnet.

🟡 Harmony in Africa: The Harmony Africa DAO's mission is to reinforce Harmony's African ecosystem, with a particular focus on achieving social impact.

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What were the highlights of your ONE year?


Harmony: 2021 Insights