Had to use seed words to update firmware. Annoying…

Hi, I have had my trezor for about 5-6 years, and it eventually forced me to update the firmware today in order to access my wallet. During the update, I had to enter the seed words in order to re-install it.

Everything worked fine and I have access to it, but now I feel like my wallet is compromised and I am going to buy a new one now.

Is this normal behavior? If I have to use the seed everytime there's a firmware update this is going to be very expensive, because no way I keep the same wallet after entering my seed phrase on anything else than paper.

EDIT: Ok so first of all, I posted here 2 days late but I did the upgrade on saturday (48 hours ago) and my funds are still here today for now (monday). So either I was hacked by the worst hackers ever, or it's normal procedure, but then it sucks.

To be specific, the physical device was asking me which word # to enter, and I had to select the word from a list on the web app of trezor. The order was random. Is this normal?

I am now paranoid and I am thinking to send all the bitcoins to a random crypto platform while I wait for a new trezor.

EDIT2: Ok, so you guys scared the s**t out of me and I transfered everything out to a platform for the time being. That said, I still feel this was a normal procedure and I wasn't hacked. Would just be nice to know if the procedure described above seem normal? Where word sequence is provided by trezor, but words are entered online.

EDIT 3: I found a video that shows the procedure I went through:

And also described here: https://trezor.io/learn/a/recover-wallet-on-model-one

So as you can see, you have to type the words on the laptop…

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  2. Create a new wallet and move your funds to it as soon as possible, before the scammers do it, in case that your seed was written in the app and not in the trezor device.

  3. Very likely your funds are all gone. I’ve seen this exact same thing happen to someone I know

  4. > no way I keep the same wallet after entering my seed phrase on anything else than paper.

    Entering the seed phrase in a hardware device is not an issue, and it does not causevit to become compromised.

    It is unclear from your post if you entered your seed phrase in the devicevitself, or in a software on your computer.

  5. You entered your seed words where?

    On the computer? Your crypto is gone and you’ve been scammed.

    On the ledger itself? You’re fine.

  6. If your crypto isn’t already gone put it on a new wallet IMMEDIATELY, your current wallet is compromised

  7. Are you using model 1?

    There was a bug in firmware 1.6.0 (or 1.6.1) that upgrading to anything would wipe the storage.

    It was a bug, so not normal behaviour.

  8. I am hoping you meant you updated your device with new firmware which probably wiped the device so you recovered your wallet by entering the seed phrase “IN THE DEVICE ONLY”. Anything other than that is a virus or malicious spyware.

  9. >To be specific, the physical device was asking me which word # to enter, and I had to select the word from a list on the web app of trezor. The order was random. Is this normal?

    If you have a Trezor Model One and you followed this procedure (https://trezor.io/learn/a/recover-wallet-on-model-one) then everything’s fine. That’s the standard procedure for recovering your wallet with your seed phrase.

    And maybe you wouldn’t need to enter the seed phrase for a firmware update if you hadn’t put it off until you were forced to do it.

  10. Updated my post to show that it seems like I went through a “normal process” that indeed requires entering the words on the computer…

  11. Tangent, because I didn’t see anyone mention it yet:

    • https://trezor.io/learn/a/advanced-recovery-on-model-one

    When recovering your Trezor One wallet I recommend taking the time to do advanced recovery (see link above) so that you’re entering your seed phrase on the Trezor device itself.

    This way you can stick to a very simple rule of thumb: never, ever type your seed phrase on any keyboard.

    Yes, the standard Trezor One recovery is probably fine. But with a little effort you can go advanced, and then you’ll know for sure that you’re interacting with a trusted device rather than an app on your computer.

  12. Just to clarify and simplify for myself if you would be so kind . At no point will a user be asked for their seed words in order to perform a function right ? Also are updates required to continue using the device or can you just keep using the old versions albeit more susceptible to getting mugged ? Please and thank you for any info .

  13. This is the reason why I really love the Cypherrrock hardware wallet. It does not keep the complete private key on upgradable hardware. Hence you have complete peace of mind even in the case of a firmware update.

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