Grise Metamoonverse is the project to have your attention.

Grise Metamoonverse is a project situating in the
moon itself. They thought that the earth is depleting
its resources so they have shifted their focus towards bodies situating outside of the earth.

Thus, the project inherited the idea of building up a
metaverse and dividing the acreage of the Moon into 10,000 equal pieces.

The complete Grise Metamoonverse contains different sections dedicated to providing consistent services for the smooth functioning of the metaverse.

They are not only working on their NFTs but the
development of the NFT marketplace and NFT game is also enroute.

They are also working on an Al platform, that brings
the opportunity for the digital community to embed
intelligence within the Moonverse.

However, the collection of their NFTs include Head NFT, Trippy owl NFTs and Moonland NFTs.

IMO, it can be a next big NFT project that will give high returns to it's investors.






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