Governments are extorting mankind

The people have been fooled into modern slavery. Are you excited for the new Decentralized Systems to over take the world?
Private exchange of value is empowering mankind. This is one major reason to be bullish on Bitcoin. When Bitcoin performs, so does the entire marketplace. The more volume, the more price action. I currently suspect Bitcoin to reach a price of roughly 200k USD after the halving.
How much do you expect?
When do you think we'll see Bitcoin hit 1 million?

7 thoughts on “Governments are extorting mankind”

  1. What ma indicator is that?

    Edit: $200k seems pretty high to me. I hope you’re right, though!

  2. Remember if it goes to 200k that fast, it will come down just as fast. No such thing as a stable coin or currency if it’s being traded and moved.

  3. The wealthy you mean. Morons literally voted in a billionaire as if he was going to save us from ownership and the dude literally bragged about making the rich a lot richer and screw the rest of us over.

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