Got coins on exchange? Get them off. NOW!

Those of us who have been thru many crypto cycles know that when the going gets tough, the scammers get going — WITH YOUR MONEY.

There's a significant probability that we're about to see some major rugpulls.

Not your keys, not your coins. Pull your coins off of exchanges into a wallet whose keys you control.

Don't say you weren't warned.

Got coins on exchange? Get them off. NOW!

9 thoughts on “Got coins on exchange? Get them off. NOW!”

  1. This is always good advice, but I think it deserves even more attention at this time, so I am stickying it for a while

    For those looking for the previous announcement post:

    WHO KILLED BITCOIN? – Documentary

  2. Bittrex is apparently no longer serving Canadians as of july something. I don’t know the numbers involved, but if everyone liquidates there’s gonna be a lot of downward price actions on alts, maybe even BTC.

  3. I was actually just thinking of this, what about the wallets themselves are they not also some level of risk, maybe we need a bank alternative that is insured and operates like a bank for the crypto world. Where you can store and hold safely your digital asset. Just thinking aloud.

  4. Think of it like this:

    For every BCH you withdraw from a 3rd party, that 3rd party might need to buy it on an exchange to give it to you.

    And by might I mean… if someone became insolvent from this EPIC crash AND had an open short BCH position, then BlockFi/Celsius/Genesis Trading/etc needs to rebuy the BCH previously shorted, themselves, at a pace higher than our withdrawals.

  5. I just learned that BCH withdrawals on Coinex Exchaning are still available, but BSV withdrawals are suspended. It’s probably oversold.

    Don’t leave your coins on an exchange. Be warned you may not be able to withdraw fiat at some point if the exchange has been doing fraction reserves accounting.

  6. The biggest problem for BCH when leaving coins on an exchange is: SHORT SELLING. This suppresses the BCH price for years now (same situation like short selling GameStop). If you have BCH on an exchange they might probably not be there. But when you withdraw them, your broker has to buy them before you can withdraw. The more coins are off exchanges, the smaller the supply for short selling AND the smaller the circulating supply gets which will increase the price.

  7. Whoever is dumping BCH at Binance just got another 30,000 BCH from 1Cwggz…GeD

    Anyone know which exchange that is? If you had coins there, you may soon find they don’t have your coins any more.

    Someone is borrowing every available BCH and short selling in a desperate attempt to keep the price down. When the big short squeeze starts, a lot of people aren’t getting their BCH back.

  8. Is the wallet good enough for holding less than 10 bch? What about 100?

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