Good help is always needed – found the tool that helped out !

The basic plan is now free at Token Metrics, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to try and increase my trading game.

I started with Ian's videos, using his advice on how to leverage the platform effectively. Now, let's take a look at the results I achieved over the past 30 days.

Being risk-averse, I selected three coins to invest in, and two of them surpassed my expectations. Let's delve into each of them:

First up, we have THN, an gem I discovered through the platform's Analytics section. By applying the right filters, the platform presented me with this gem and several others. And guess what? It gave a 50% return on investment!

Next in line is AKRO. As I'm not too familiar with this project I liked its chart and performance on the platform (Trader grade), and I'm currently reveling in a delightful 38% profit.

Lastly, we come to WSB. Although it secured a spot in my investment trinity, my reservations about the project limited my investment to $100. The ROI hasn't been as impressive as I had hoped. Generaly, I wish I've put in more then I did, but its always like that.

Looking back, I realize the potential of such “small” gains. Safer investment, smaller profits one could say. I'm going to continue to share what I gain, as well as how the new update on website is working – the AI chat bot, that should help out picking new coins to take advantage of!
Talk to you guys soon