GMR is back and better than ever!

GMRs blockchain based game, Battle LEET, is nearly here!

Some months ago I updated you all about the project called GMR.

You can find that post here-

For a while things calmed down since everything was in development, but now we are getting ready to take the crypto gaming space by storm!

So why am I here telling you about it again? I'll tell you why-

  1. We just launched staking-

  2. We just released our trailer for our upcoming blockchain based game, Battle LEET-

  3. Our coin price has sort of separated itself from the rest of the market and is now on its way back up. Right now the price is at the perfect entry point! And with our staking options and pools getting a 100,000 coin increase EVERY DAY (starting on July 21) we get to ensure that more and more of GMRs value stays intact.

  4. Our upcoming Battle LEET game will have an interesting feature you can purchase with GMR called LEET Crates. Yes, like loot crates but with our little twist on them. The most important twist being this- all of the GMR used to buy these crates will be 100% burned. That’s right, BURNED. GONE. This increases the value of the remaining coins, and we expect tons and tons of LEET Crates to be selling left and right to get more parts for your Battle LEETs!

  5. We are about to publicly launch our new gaming social platform VERY soon.

  6. We have already launched our NFL (Non-Fungible LEET) marketplace, and soon our own NFT hub will be up and running.

As I told you before, GMR is more than just a crypto coin. It’s going to be an entire gaming platform where players and creators alike can come together to make their gaming dreams a reality.

And we want you in. Come and join us over at

You can buy via ApeSwap –

Contract Address: 0xadca52302e0a6c2d5d68edcdb4ac75deb5466884

And get involved in the conversation at-




GMR is back and better than ever!

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  2. Been with GMR since week 1, they had their ups and downs. One thing is clear to me, the team has stepped up their game in 2022. They are listening to the community and are more transparant than ever. You can trust them getting this coin into the right direction 🔥

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  4. Better than ever! My 400 usd after they made new GMR and abandoned old sunken project is now 40 usd and not 12 usd like it was for months. Keep it up guys

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