GLUON – Decentralized Fashion Marketplace which is 100% driven and owned by the community | PRESALE announced soon

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Gluon is a project aimed to create a decentralized fashion marketplace with an added layer of

security, anonimity and global availability.

If you want to sell a piece of clothing online, your best options are eBay, StockX and Grailed – as

one of the most used peer to peer marketplace. The problems you run into using these types of

marketplaces are high fees, regional availability, lack of anonymity. By using those marketplaces,

members of the community are taxed on every transaction.

Unlike all of these marketplaces Gluon will keep all of the money within our community, Gluon

aims to involve our members in all aspects of the process. Buying, selling, authenticating of the

goods, shipping etc. And not profit off them, but share revenue with everyone involved in the


Using centralized marketplaces, you're prone to data leaks, hacks and fraud. Gluon is

implementing blockchain technology to allow users to remain anonymous and keep their data

safe while still maintaining authenticity checks of the highest level.

Worldwide availability with the lowest selling fees (5%)

We at Gluon accept and endorse a variety of payment methods, all of which being

different cryptocurrencies.

App in development – BETA soon

Sustainable staking system

When you invest in GLU token and stake it you earn all the benefits from the Marketplace.

Unlike most of the projects these days we really care about our community, as that's the only way to beat our competition, and want this project to reward all our members and be scalable without hurting any investors.

This way as the marketplace grows members are rewarded on a daily basis from the marketplace revenue.

What goes to the staking pool?

3.5% from every sale on the marketplace

(If someone sells a 100$ t shirt 3.5$ is added to the staking pool)

100% from paid listing revenue

(We’ll have a option to pay for a promoted listing and all the revenue goes to the staking pool)

8% from sell tax

(If someone sells 100$ worth of GLU 8$ is added to the staking pool)

Community jobs

Anyone wanting to be a part of Gluon is welcome and able to apply for a variety of roles within

our marketplace. Learn more about positions and pay in our whitepaper.


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Website & Whitepaper

GLUON - Decentralized Fashion Marketplace which is 100% driven and owned by the community | PRESALE announced soon