– Opens Private Sales Stage (Bloomberg announcement) + Get free tokens

The project starts a large round of private investments in the project. The round will last 1 year until June 2023.

Despite the active phase of the war (the Russian invasion of Ukraine), the project has begun the active part of accepting applications for the sale of the token.

The project announced a private sale on their social networks, and also made an update of the white paper, which showed in detail how the private sale of the token will take place, as well as what work will be carried out in the project along with these and other rounds of fundraising.

At the first announced stage (06/01/2022) of the project, the following will be implemented: restructuring of the site, updating the roadmap and publishing the project's community growth strategy.

In the second stage, which is scheduled to start on 11/01/2022, it will be implemented: further formation of the project team, legal security of the project and clients, creation of a non-profit organization in the Eurozone or the USA, formation of a full-fledged medical council of the project, growth of the project community to 50,000 active participants . creation of a scientific hub that will contain all the scientific arguments of the project.

The third stage (scheduled to start on 03/01/2023) will be implemented: registration of patents and rights to use technologies, the first presentation of the project will be held, where prototypes will be shown in working condition, which will give an argument for the further development of the project. And just here a listing will be announced and made on a number of large crypto-exchanges, so that after the presentation of the real solution, the token would be available in large quantities on the exchanges.

Further steps include the presentation of the product and its mass production. The task of the project is to give an objective situation to everyone who wants to know what his heart, blood vessels are in and what health risks exist.

This is one of the first global tasks of the project. In the fifth stage of the roadmap, the development and work on the following areas that are important for the health and life of people begins. All details can be studied in white paper in more detail.

White paper:

Investment prospects

Investment strategy for 1 year
According to our modest estimates, the achievement of all the goals and the perfect presentation of the product, together with the instrumental community, will increase the demand for the project and, consequently, for the token, at the time of entering the exchange 80-120 times. This will be the first significant point of profit taking for investors.

Investment strategy for 5 years
But there is also the further development of the project and, consequently, the release of the product to the market and the development of the next most important stages of the project – which can be from 3-5 years, but have a tremendous growth of both the token and the project as a whole. (in the internal strategy, this is a 5000-10000 increase in the value of the token)

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