German county police is selling 3 billion USD of bitcoins right now.

So a while ago the county police of Saxony seized two billions worth of bitcoins in some raid.

They sat on it and now that it's worth three billions they sell it. Lmao.

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  1. It was worth 3 billion but they decided to crash the price on an exchange rather than use an OTC desk. Bravo Germany, bravo.

  2. the rest of the world watches as billions in liquidity get soaked up and start to think maybe BTC really could be used between sovereign nations for transfers/purchases… 

    Selling $1bil into the market with ~15% slippage is not the best, but certainly worth it to not have any counterparty risk 

  3. You know it’s only a matter of time until the “you could have bought BTC in 2024 @….blah blah blah” I bought more sats and don’t care about the price I’m holding/stacking until i absolutely need money hopefully in 2035 or so

  4. German, American, Chinese, African no matter the government sell that Digital Gold to us! I’ll take it

  5. 😆 JFC, governments never cease to amaze me with their levels of retardation. Hopefully some of that cheap BTC were bought up by plebs

  6. All I hear from this is ‘big economy government trading actively in Bitcoin ‘.

  7. I’m buying it all up. Danke für den Rabatt (thanks for the discount)

  8. Btc is so hardened at this point this one seems like it’s just an annoyance than an all out panic

  9. So, I’m just struggling to understand and appreciate anyone’s help clarifying….why did Germany’s massive sale crash the market? Greater access to BTC inspired people to sell because demand was quickly changed making the coin less valuable? Is it that simple? What does it mean for BTC in the long run? Second question with Mt. Gox….arent the original investors getting their money back, hence further confirming that BTC is a quality instrument?

  10. 🇺🇸 : Just use an OTC desk!
    🇩🇪 : We are selling to willing buyers at the current fair market price.

  11. Didn’t realize I was a liquidity provider to the German government yesterday.

  12. I actually enjoy this. I got some sweet deals on BTC call options today. Ready for the ride back up!

  13. Every time the German government decides to buy some, they transfer $2B to a wallet and instant discount. Brilliant!

  14. Oh nooo the German government won’t have the bitcoins I want

    Enjoy poverty Germany

  15. Ticker: BTC
    Order Type: Market 
    Side: Sell 
    Quantity: 50,000
    Warning: This a large order that will push deep into order book, are you certain?
    [YES] [CONFIRM] [Scheiß drauf]
  16. 3 billion USD will be recovered in less than a week. Hardly a dip. Buy the summer sale! Last one for a while

  17. Been posting about this and miners selling for a week… shorted it and made sick gains, bought a chunk to hold at 55k

  18. It doesn’t surprise me.

    I lived in Germany for 6 months and many things in Germany don’t make any sense. They have some crap law, and everyone knows it’s crap, but they still do it because 100 years ago someone made that law.

    For example – you have to pay TV licence fee even if you don’t have TV at home, if you don’t pay – you get fined.

  19. Government sells asset to get money they can print whenever they want. Shockingly stupid.

  20. Western governments have a habit of dumping reserve assets at low prices. Gold was the asset back in 2000 that was dumped for fiat. Btc is now the asset. Who the heck owns all the gold in the world now? The non-western countries all own the gold now while western governments have a bunch of fiat bonds. Japan owns massive amounts of fiat US govt bonds that they aren’t even allowed to sell. Japan and Germany are vassals of dying fiat.

  21. It’s fine let them sell low and buy high, good for us they are offering us more supply for now

  22. If country Police selling Bitcoin can crash the currency that says a lot about it. Stop buying Bitcoin, its a scam

  23. Btc is a trillion dollar asset u numpties. Do they have 500 billion btc? Nope. 3 billion dollars is less than 0.25% drop in the bucket

  24. Seize BTC for free, sell almost at the top, crash it a tad, watch with popcorn retail panic selling, buy the dip cheaper.
    Convenient side effect: spark uncertainty and slow down adoption and present a very good alternative, ✨CBDC✨ /s

  25. On the screenshot, you can see that the whole stack of 50k bitcoin was only reduced to 40k.
    That means Germany did not in fact sell 3 billion dollars worth of bitcoin, but rather something around 600 milion USD.
    The headline of this thread about them selling the 3 billion stack is misleading.
    Fact-check what you read please.

  26. Btw, this is good news, bitcoin should never be held by governments, specially the German one. Bitcoin is to the people

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