Gemini is down

Gemini website is down and users are not able to access their trading or withdraw their funds. Here is a screenshot: . I posted the screenshot a few minutes ago but the post was automatically removed.

If Gemini is not going down and this is just an unfortunate co-incidence, then the timing could not frankly be any worse. All CEXes are on the line of fire, customers withdrawing their assets to safety and the credibility of the who industry in jeopardy. Before going down Gemini sent a load of spam trying to convince their customers that all is fine. I got similar spam from FTX just before it went down.

Gemini is down

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  1. Is this the first time you encountered a website going down?

    Obviously they will get a lot of traffic after the news from earlier today. But you really don’t have to spread FUD like that one:

    >users are not able to access their trading or withdraw their funds

  2. Lol let me guess… they will say oh my god we got hacked sorry users but your money is gone.

  3. Going off Coingecko, Gemini besides a one day spike in volume of ~$300 million USD, they look to mostly be in the ~$50m to ~$100m daily trade volume the past 3 months. Whatever happens with Gemini, nowhere near as scary as FTX

  4. If you still have funds on a CEX after all that has been going on, I really have no words.

  5. “We experienced an Amazon Web Services EBS outage with one of our primary databases. We have restored the database and are bringing the exchange back up.”

    Tweet from Gemini

  6. Say what you want about CDC, at least their servers held up when they got flooded by panicked users a few days ago

  7. So its the exchange liquidity providers we gotta check now, fireblocks and bitgo who u fucks lent to and you good? Genesis apparently isnt.

  8. well for those that still having funds in CEX’s…wtf are you waiting for?? Withdraw it all!

  9. We know two sentences guys

    1. Steady lads. Deploying funds.

    2. We have more assets than liabilities.

    I definitely wouldn’t want to add spam messages from Gemini saying ‘ all is fine’ or ‘everything is fine’, your funds are SAFU sentences to the above two messages.

  10. A friend pointed out that Earn is not part of Gemini. I would be concerned for Earn. I’m not concerned with Gemini. That may be illiquid but not insolvent. I hope!!!!! Lol.

  11. The site is back up and I just processed an ACH withdrawal to get my cash off of Gemini.

    I kept it there waiting to buy lower lows, but not worth the risk now – even if it’s not actual crypto.

  12. It’s back up, happens every once in a while, people are super spazzy right now & it’s understandable

  13. More than likely everything is fine and it’s just a tail effect from the recent Chinese New Year

  14. I got my withdrawal in two hours after the email this morning, am I screwed? I’ve still got a few more days before my Ledger addresses are whitelisted.

  15. I know the timings bad but all exchamges have issues from time to time. Sometimes its as simple as server

  16. Since it’s back online, I went ahead and “redeemed” $1000 worth of Gemini USD (GUSD) that was sitting in Earn, estimated redemption date is Nov. 23.

    We’ll see what happens a week from today.

  17. Isn’t Gemini as regulated as it can get? They’re based in New York and they have some pretty rigorous audits and transparency on their stable coin.

    Also this happens often with Gemini.

  18. I get the feeling OP didn’t even visit the link in the image to see what was going on. Moons > everything.

  19. So we’re basically at very high hysteria right now. If people have their home internet go done, they will just assume the exchange is going under.

  20. Really bad timing, everyone is in panic mode. Good that everything is fine in the end

  21. Could it be? Could another one go down? This is the best show I’ve watched in years.

  22. At this point if you are still holding your coins in a centralized exchange, you ACTUALLY deserve to lose them all.

  23. If you really think Gemini will bank run then you haven’t been in this space long enough

  24. Today at 5:00 pm (eastern), Bloomberg reported that Gemini’s “lending partner is suspending redemptions and new loan originations after facing withdrawal requests that exceeded current liquidity.”

    The Latest Wave of Crypto contagion Spreads

  25. Wait is this an ftx moment where we should try to get funds out ASAP? Or is it just like an maintenance thing? Only have a couple hundred bucks but still

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