Future of DeFi on Cosmos Ecosystem

The future of DeFi on Cosmos is in the hands of Comdex. Due to the fact that decentralized products of finance are mostly in need of high inputs of development efforts when making use of the Cosmos SDK technology…

…there is a vacuum hindering the complete flourishing of deFi in all parts of Cosmos's ecosystem. Also part of this hinderance is the lack of flourishing stable coins. Without them, it is difficult for individuals and institutions to transport their incomes effortlessly across blockchains.

Comdex is solving this issue via its upcoming $CMST stablecoin and $HARBOR protocol. The stablecoin will be used as the major transporter of liquidity around different DeFi projects on the Cosmos ecosystem.

Harbor protocol will the used for the collateralization of IBC-enabled crypto assets used to maintain the peg of the $CMST stablecoin. Comdex will also enable the seamless onboarding of DeFi projects on the Blockchain.

Future of DeFi on Cosmos Ecosystem

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