Fundraiser for BCH node software on StartOS

Hello, I am asking for your help contributing to the project of developing BCH node running software on StartOS.

StartOS is the operating system for Start9; a team dedicated to providing tools to become self sovereign in your digital life. They offer build guides to create your own servers as well as sell premade servers with the operating system on it.

Click the link to learn more

Software they offer includes Bitcoin Core and lightning related applications (don't click away yet), private file sharing, password managers, video and photo storage and much more.

Under their community registry, they give others the opportunity to contribute software

I think it would be useful to get BCH node running software on the community registry. This would prove to BTC users that running a BCH node is not as difficult as they have been made to believe. This would also be useful to show those who are interested in running a BCH node where to go.

Please contribute to

I appreciate your time and patronage.

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