FREE ELECTRICITY IN SF… Quiet Mining rigs all over my house

There’s free electricity in San Francisco. I pay $500 a month for Rent in SF where all utilities are included. Miners are cheap on EBay right now. S9’s and S19’s. 7 hooked up so far, more to come.

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41 thoughts on “FREE ELECTRICITY IN SF… Quiet Mining rigs all over my house”

  1. pretty cool but wouldn’t call this “free”, this set up will never pay for itself

  2. You are far surpassing normal electricity usage. Your landlord is going to be pissed.

  3. This is the type of activity that will cause SF to change their process and stop providing free energy.

    When a few take away the benefits for the many.

  4. There’s no such thing as “free”. Someone always pays for it. Local, county, state and federal taxes will increase to cover the cost being charged by the utility generating this “free” electricity.

  5. Bro throw some 90 degree elbows on those inline fans. It hurts to look at that first picture. Hope your mining skills are better than your HVAC knowledge

  6. Economists use a theoretical human who acts rationally and only make decision based on economic advantage, but they didn’t know it’s not theoretical and you are that guy. You know your stuff, made a good call on ROÍ and should be in the black in 70 days, good work.

  7. People here posting “BTC is to get freedom from the corrupt gov’t”. Then upvotes this kind of corrupt behavior.

  8. Have you actually tested what each circuit can handle before you added a bomb to them?

  9. I don’t think that is technically “free” just someone else is paying for it.

  10. Your post will get noticed, put it down or City of San Fransisco will knock on your door. They’re not stupid when it’s about money.

  11. SF is taxing the rich to provide everyone with free energy. What a fucking shit hole. Anyone with any logic and self respect should leave that place because it is only going to get worse and worse.

  12. nice post on reddit, be a shame to let everyone in r/sanfrancisco know and local news media to pick this up

  13. Should of just kept this information to yourself instead of humble bragging about it online

  14. Shouldn’t you put the blower in front of the miner blowing through it instead of sucking? Way it is right now, the blower motor is getting really hot from the miner exhaust. This is how we killed several large exhaust fans at the mine I worked at.

    I used to have “free” electricity in my dorm room. Did the same thing, but all we had back then were 335mh/s USB BlockErupters and GPU’s lol.

  15. Can you explain more about this? So confused, $500 in SF? How many sf? Are there income limits? How in their right mind did the city think this was a good idea with crypto mining being a thing?

    I’m being serious, I could retire with something like that.

  16. A few years back we lost power. PG&E replaced an in-ground transformer, the power came back on. We lost power again, since PG&E had no more transformers in the yard they rolled in a generator. They then began to trace the excessive load. The derelict building next door was the culprit. The cops came, entered the building and discovered a grow op. Cops took 3 stake bed trucks full of plants. PG&E disconnected the weatherhead, back pulled the cable to the junction box in the sidewalk completely disconnecting service and the cable leading to it. Some people are not only assholes, but also not very bright.

  17. Electricity isn’t free. You may not be paying but someone is and when they figure out how much electricity you are using, they will come knocking.

  18. Dude, not that I need more but that just made me jelly. I have so many places/rooms to put these that, you’re a genius.

  19. It was a smart idea until you posted it all over the internet. Now some “journalist” will write a web article about this. They are all over Reddit subs like vultures. Enjoy it while it lasts OP.

  20. imagine paying 20-30 thousand dollars a year in taxes then seeing posts like this.

  21. having one asic running is one thing. But this is a pretty selfish move to ramp up your usage this high. Electricity isn’t free. you are taking advantage of your community and it is this kinda thing that gives bitcoin mining a bad rap with none bitcoiners

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