Flowee Pay autumn version got its bugfix release, this is the time to try it out!

Flowee Pay is a beautiful wallet that focuses on BitcoinCash and has Android support and is also available for Linux desktop users. (aur, ppa).

The autumn version got a bugfix release today, lets take the opportunity to look at Flowee Pay

The wallet is intended to be useful for everyday people and our focus is on usability and to basically avoid all the technical mumbo jumbo that many of the other wallets try to get you to understand in order to use it.
The main screens are simple and clean, just payments.

The technical minded users will still be able to tap through some screens to get to the details page where they can find things like “number of confirmations” and more.

You will find this balance in all things in the wallet, simple to use while powerful if you open the menu options or details screens.

The Autumn release added more languages, it is now available in German, Spanish, Dutch and Polish, with partial support for Portugese. Thank you flies to the volunteer translators!

Other than it being a beautiful wallet with many features, what makes Flowee Pay stand out?

  • It is fully open source.
  • It does not depend on central servers.
  • Your wallets are fully self managed.
    This means that unlike all of our competition, you do not have to worry about spying or censorship of your money. We can't, we literally don't have that option by design.
  • The codebase goes back to the original Satoshi full node software, for maximum compatibility.
  • Did we mention the wallet is said to be beautiful by many of our users?
  • A longer list of features can be found here.

Such a wallet is never done, and we have already come a long way. But plenty more fun is going to come in the future.

If you haven't tried Pay recently, use today's release as a good reason to giving it a go!

X https://x.com/FloweeTheHub/status/1721605948442124618
🌍 https://flowee.org/products/pay/#dl
💬 https://t.me/Flowee_org

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