Flaredrop update: Coinbase listing at last!

GM! Finally, what we have all been waiting for! Coinbase (about time) has now started to distribute FLR to XRP holders.

This is certainly very big news for the XRP community as they have been waiting since January for this announcement especially as this was one of the biggest airdrop events to date and no one likes to feel like they’ve been missing out.

Yes we have missed 2 of the 36 Flaredrops, but that means there’s still 34 left to claim. All we have to do to get the rest is hold some WFLR. Not here to shill so I’ll drop the link here if you want to participate and know more.

I'm a big fan of their ongoing commitment to being as decentralized as possible as shown by the fact their founders and team can’t be a recipient of the Flaredrop and that they have demonstrated a commitment to their F.I.Ps. Plus I really like the fact that you have to hold WFLR to be a recipient of the Flaredrop as it will put off those who have 0 interest in the project and after a quick cash-grab.

To me this is a really important detail as holding WFLR you’re able to participate in the project’s governance structure and have a say in its future development. From what I’ve seen from other governance structures, it hasn’t been quite so community-led and despite the uncertainty and frustrations people have had, I truly believe that this coinbase listing will appease most people and see that the Flare team really has pulled it out of the bag and wants to bring people back onto the Flare journey.

5 thoughts on “Flaredrop update: Coinbase listing at last!”

  1. Enough of the Flaredrop, I want to see more technical development as the last I saw was their doge NFT demo. Projects live and die by their technical development – it’s not all tokens.

  2. Lol this 36 months of FLR from March has really been causing upheaval. Everyone wants a piece in the bear market.

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