FKX hodlers, what’s going on with the swap?

I just read this and it states that existing holders of the FortKnoxster token FKX will be swapped to the new SuperDapp token, does anyone know when this is going down? I have no alpha on the app and I don't know what we're to expect from it.


3 thoughts on “FKX hodlers, what’s going on with the swap?”

  1. IMO this could turn up to be good, fresh dApp and that means there is progress to be made, can you guess what that means?

  2. SYS labs the one who acquired FortKnoxster so I would be checking for updates regarding the swap on the Syscoin twitter:

  3. AI and the Web3 are the future, and that’s what SuperDapp is about so I would bet big on this one.

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