Firmware update hung with Exodus, now Trezor is reset

I was prompted for a firmware update via the Exodus desktop app in order to check my wallet balance, so I grabbed the Trezor and plugged it in, holding the two buttons. Said 'yes' to the update and then it made no progress for an hour and a half, so I unplugged it.

Now I can only get “Welcome! Please visit” and both the desktop and web version of Trezor Suite is asking me to setup the device. I've read this FAQ and the Trezor Suite support pages on upgrading firmware and none of them mention this, and I've tried connecting while simultaneously pressing (but not holding) the two buttons as mentioned in another top post here, but nothing changed.

Do I go ahead with setup and will I be presented with an option to restore the wallet?

Firmware update hung with Exodus, now Trezor is reset

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  1. Oh and u/webdragonrtfgx immediately PM’d me directly instead of replying to this thread, so beware of this guy and of “Ivan”

    >Hi There
    You need to manually connect your wallet to the new trezor chain network on the dapp to fix the firmware error
    I will advise you reach out to Ivan on Twitter as he’s one of trezor affiliate support
    He helped me when I had similar issues

  2. That’s something that bothers me… why do we need to set-up the device and re-enter seed phrase (which is restoring the wallet) just to update firmware?

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