Finally, positive news about Bitcoin Cash on “Portal do Bitcoin” (Brazil’s biggest news portal about Bitcoin and Crypto) — Price isn’t the most important thing, but it does help to educate people about what really matters

Price isn't the most important thing, but it does help to educate people about what really matters

I'm kinda of an outsider to the Bitcoin Cash community, although I like the protocol and love the community. But I mainly agree with most of you that — different from the Bitcoin Core community — price isn't the most relevant aspect to look at.

Nevertheless, price going up definitely helps to gather mainstream attention, so we can possibly educate people about Bitcoin Cash, addressing the lies and misinformation that is usually spread by the BTC people.

A practical example on this matter:

I started writing for Portal do Bitcoin in April, and, for what I can tell, the site rarely posted positive news about BCH.

But with recent listing o EDX and price going up, my editor approved two positive news in a week. Where I was able to explain that the two coins were the same until 2017, and briefly explained what motivated the chain split.

  • “Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Doubles Five Days After Listing on New Exchange”
  • “New exchange-listed tokens take off; Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Gains Over 30%”

This is a really important step, because most 2021 “enthusiasts”/investors still believe “BCash” is a scam/shitcoin. And don't really understand what happened back then.

Also was a great opportunity to talk about Cash Tokens and St Kitty & Nevis.

Something similar happened with my most recent post at r/cc.

I'm not much of a Bitcoin Cash guy (I have my personal favourites: Nano and Monero), but I've used BCH a few times, and will definitely continue to use it now and then (looking forward to visiting St. Kitty & Nevis). I guess I can say Bitcoin Cash is in third of my list of preferences.

But most important than that, in my opinion, is to educate people and contest the misinformation spread by fraudsters from the opposite side. And for that, I'm on your side.

Please, continue with the great work you are doing.

And enjoy these bright times that price movement is on your (ours?) side to spread good information and foment adoption. I don't really care which coin will “win”, as long as there are good decentralized money that I can use to improve my monetary sovereignty and opt-out from the fiat system.