FENOMY is a huge growth potential on bear market. The project with high liquidity and very low marketcap. Medium and long term strategy. Project development doesn’t depend on the market Project insides.

E-currency exchange

Amid bear market, not for day trading speculation, but for long-term investment. Exclusive recommendation!

FENOMY technological project. A decentralized ecosystem for creating tools for organizing personal, family and collective safety in real life, coordinating complex processes, developing business and much more. Details on the website.

It is a project of a completely new type, not like any of the existing ones.

Liquidity on pancakeswap – 1/3 from MarketCap
Very low MarketCap < $500k
LP locked for 4 years
In real turnover less than 50% of Total Supply
2000+ regular investors who hold the asset for a long term and don’t trade.
Pinksale IDO completed in 7 minutes
Launch on Pancakeswap on Feb 11

Buy/Sell Tax 0%

CMC, CG, BSCSCAN Verified, Classified by BSCSCAN as Secure Token

3rd year of development, 2 years of which were not public. Solid professional team from 13 countries. Roadmap to 2024.

Mobile and Web application
Own Secure Blockchain – phase 2 of the testing is underway, participants receive daily automatic rewards.
Own coin. Exchange: System Coin ↔ Token BEP20

The project is financed not from crypto assets, but from founders’ and partners' own funds. Project development doesn’t depend on the market situation and the cost of the token.

Insides that may affect the price:
1) Fenomy Blockchain development is 3-4 months ahead of schedule.
2) The founders are preparing an update of the roadmap and whitepaper. The current documents are dated February 2022.
3) Big media events announced for August and October of this year, including offline.
4) The founders are preparing another buyback of tokens. There was a buyback of tokens for $15,000 in May.
5) A design update is planned soon, it will strengthen the media component of marketing.

Based on all the inputs, the growth potential over the next 6-12 months can be estimated by 10x – 15x or even more.

In the short term, you can earn on any local pump. Now a trade of just 1BNB raises the price by 1%. The share of liquidity 1/3 from MarketCap is very high and ten times higher than liquidity of most other tokens.

While the project is in development, it can be called a sleeping diamond! It feels like the project may leap forward soon. If you enter now, at the very bottom of the price, you can make very good money.

An interesting post written before the IDO “What is Fenomy for investors”

Official links:
https://bscscan.com/token/0x1E226F8527D9F73048F4b660AF44D902d4508Bc2 – Token Fenomy on BSCSCAN.
www.fenomy.com — official website.
https://twitter.com/Fenomy1 — the only official Twitter of the project.
https://www.reddit.com/r/fenomy/ – project page on Reddit.
https://t.me/fenomy_en – the main channel of the project in English
https://t.me/fenomy_investments_group_en — group for investors to communicate in English
https://t.me/FENOMY_China — chat group in chinese

https://fenomy.com/info/Fenomy_WP_v1_01.pdf – Roadmap

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anksystems.fenomy — application page on Google Play Market

https://github.com/interfinetwork/smart-contract-audits/blob/main/Fenomy_0x1E226F8527D9F73048F4b660AF44D902d4508Bc2.pdf — audit of the smart contract of the FENOMY BEP20 token

https://www.pinksale.finance/launchpad/0x2769fbdB678087662dddC63dB3cD2651148a117A?chain=BSC – IDO

FENOMY is a huge growth potential on bear market. The project with high liquidity and very low marketcap. Medium and long term strategy. Project development doesn't depend on the market Project insides.