fees to transfer to wallet

I finally got a hardware wallet last night and transferred over my BTC and ETH in two separate transactions. Just to test it worked before the full transfer. It cost me the equivalent of 4 euro per BTC transfer from binance. pricy. I notice there is am option to buy BTC from the trezor desktop application. Is this a more cost effective alternative than buying on an exchange and transferring every time?


fees to transfer to wallet

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  1. #1 There are always going to be built in network costs on any blockchain transaction.
    Ethereum is much more expensive to send than bitcoin, you can check the historical and current prices here: https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/transactionfees-btc-eth.html#3y

    #2 Most exchanges will have a withdrawal fee that will either cover the transaction cost or will be on top of the tx cost.

  2. Hi, try to set a trade in Trezor Suite and compare the given offers. Different exchanges will offer different deals, but you can just check it out and only if any of the offers looks good to you, you can proceed.

  3. In my experience, swapping/buying from inside the trezor suite is extortion, this is because its third party and not trezor.

    It always works out cheaper to buy in an exchange and transfer over(again in my opinion)

    I personally also think that coinbase pro is the cheapest option.

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