25 thoughts on “Feedback needed: I created the „Bitcoin Tracker App“. All important stats in one App!”

  1. It also has a fully functioning Block Explorer included. You can check the blockchain, network fees, hashrate, price, analyze cycles & track your own holdings.

  2. A pulse rate display feature via smart watches or devices that capture would be pretty cool haha. Atleast people would see their pulse rate as often as the bitcoin price, which could be much necessary😅 I’d absolutely download it if it had that

  3. The “trading” and shitcoin windows are pointless imo. But besides that it seems like a cool app.

    Can you link it? Android and IOS?

  4. For the main screen price tracking, is there any way to have it show you a different default timeframe? (Day/week/month/year)

  5. I like it – is there options for widgets for android? I’d love to see BTC price action

    The sign up process- what does it offer (but I like you can use guest feature)

    Could you have a news section that algorithmically shows high traffic posts? And or posts from reliable sources?

    Thanks I’ve downloaded anyway!

  6. Oh that’s cool! It’d be great if there was a graphic, similar to your fear and greed graphic, that said when fees were at their cheapest compared to the last 30 days or something. Gives newbs like me an easy visual for if I should buy now or wait a few hours

  7. Just downloaded. Where has this app been all this time. Why did this not already exist?!?

    Do you think you could add the CBBI.INFO confidence indicator to the Fear and Greed Index?

  8. Thats a pretty nice app. This may already be an option but the only thing I would add is the option of candles or lines.

  9. It’s a great all-in-one Bitcoin app.
    Please add Philippine Peso to the Calculator of currency in BTC.

  10. That’s an impressive amount of stats in one app, and the layout looks great.

    One thing I’d suggest adding is the ‘Moscow time’ (current number of sats to the dollar) to your Market page.

    To really blow this out of the park and make your whole app useful to a new class of people, I’d suggest adding the choice to make the default currency Bitcoin, with a secondary currency selection of fiat to compare to. I have long ago stopped using a bank account or even cared about how many dollar’s worth of savings I have in general… For years now the only number that matters in my mind is how many sats I have accumulated and try at all costs to push that number upwards.

    In your app this would manifest as many little changes… Under “Market” you wouldn’t say “Bitcoin Price,” you’d say “Fiat price,” giving a chart of how much fiat a bitcoin can buy now.

  11. Awesome app man,if you really continue to improve on it,i would suggest if you could do all these trackers for like top 10-20-50 coins that would be amazing!!!,right now I don’t see any drawbacks except you could add a possibility to add other coins (not btc value) into your portfolio

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