FAKE Trezor iOS apps

2023 is here. Still NO Trezor suit iOS app. Meanwhile, FAKE Trezor apps infect the iOS App Store stealing bitcoin from innocent plebs.

This is on you guys.



5 thoughts on “FAKE Trezor iOS apps”

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  2. Lol trezor dosn’t support ios, so this is on you. 🤣

    I would say this on apple and “uneducated” ios users.

    Edit: btw its not “innocent” people, its actually stupid people.

    Rule number 1? Remember?

    If you break rule n°1 its on you.
    Nobody forced you to use a non-custodial wallet.
    A non-custodial wallet is a tool, some people cant use tools responsibility, thats not a problem of the tool.

    Research is everything.
    Dont be stupid.

  3. Trezors and Trezor suite are on many Mac’s. Why on earth would you want to hold crypto on your everyday phone?

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