Experimental Futures Trading Strategy

My account have been liquidated 2 or 3 time on futures. Today I was just looking at the chart of DOGE/USDT and waiting for a position to enter . I noticed price moving within the 5 min candle and noticed that theres a support and resistance in every candle and price moves between the two for the 5 min duration. Got an idea and i traded on those highs and lows with maximum leverage which is 75x allowed on the exchange i was using. Buys on lows and Short on highs. No stoplosses though manual open/cllose order as they are very short time trrade onneee one was just 12 secs. Use only 20 usd in account to avoid big damage and made consective gains and at a great pace. My 20 usd grew to be 88 in about an hour. If any body knows about this strategy or heard about it before. Share with me . Want to do more research on it. I will attach snaps of the trades.

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2 thoughts on “Experimental Futures Trading Strategy”

  1. Once the market trends in one direction this strategy will lead to liquidation real quick. Pursue a more mechanical backtested strategy.

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