Exodus 22.6.16 Desktop/Mobile Release – BTC Lightning Improvements and MeanFi Token

Hey there, r/ExodusWallet!

Today, we are releasing Exodus version 22.6.16 on Desktop and Mobile! Here is what to expect:

  • [Mobile] BTC Lightning Improvements The Lightning balance limit can now be raised up to $5000 (the option exists as a toggle in the settings), and we now support sending to LNURL addresses.
  • MeanFi Token on SOL

You can find the full release notes for this update and all past updates here. You can manually update your wallet here. If you’d like to wait, this release will be available when your wallet checks for updates. This update is live on Android and iOS now.

Feel free to get hyped and discuss this update here and on the Exodus Discord server. Also, for Facebook users out there, check out our new Facebook page! As always, thank you for using Exodus!

Exodus 22.6.16 Desktop/Mobile Release - BTC Lightning Improvements and MeanFi Token

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  2. Hi I have few questions on how to get my Xmr to fully sync ? I’ve lost 1000 so far idk what to do. Could you plz help?

  3. Any plans on adding a transaction history export feature (pdf/excel) to the mobile app?

  4. Great update!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š Really hoping for more of Cosmos Eco Tokens support..😊

  5. Hi Devs! Just also want to ask. Since Eth is merging to PoS. Any plans of adding staking options.😊

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